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Shared Custody Agreements-Advice for Dads

Most courts have laws that prohibit discriminating against a parent based on gender. Their laws basically state that a father is to be considered equal to a mother in child custody cases and gender should not be a factor in … Continue reading

A Father’s Word About Out of State Custody

This post is from an interview I did with a father whose children live out of state. He shares his feelings about out of state custody along with what he wishes he did when creating a custody schedule with his … Continue reading

Considerations for Long Distance Custody Agreements and Visitation Schedules

In custody situations, if one parent moves away from the other you will need to create a long distance custody agreement. If this situation applies to you and you are in the initial stages of your custody proceedings, you will … Continue reading

Long Distance Custody Agreements and Visitation Schedules – International Agreements

Alexis was eight years old when her parents got divorced.  At first, Lexi lived with her mother and spent a good amount of time with her father.  Her mother remarried when Lexi was ten. Lexi’s new step-dad plays a professional sport. … Continue reading

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