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Right of First Refusal in Your Parenting Plan or Custody Agreement

A common custody provision that parents include in their parenting plan and custody agreement is the right of first refusal. By including the right of first refusal in your parenting plan, you guarantee that anytime the other parent needs someone … Continue reading

Child Visitation Schedule Template: 4 Important Categories

Are you looking for a child visitation schedule template? Here is a basic one to get you started. The Repeating Cycle of Custody and Visitation Get a blank calendar that has 2-4 weeks. Fill out the basic cycle of custody … Continue reading

Examples of 50/50 Child Custody Schedules: 5 Common Examples

Do you want a custody schedule that gives each parent equal time with the children? Here are some 50/50 child custody schedule examples to consider. Alternating Weeks In this schedule, the parents simply alternate weeks of custody with the child. … Continue reading

A Holiday Custody and Visitation Schedule & Why You Need One

Why do you need a holiday custody schedule? Setting up the holiday custody and visitation schedule is a very important part of your parenting time schedule. Children have a lot of memories and expectations that go along with holidays, and … Continue reading

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