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Samples of Standard Custody & Visitation Schedules with Time-Share Percentages — Part Two

Okay, here’s the next part in a series of posts that explore some of the standard custody and visitation schedules that people set up. Hopefully you can look through these and see if any of them, or a combination of … Continue reading

Examples of Standard Custody and Visitation Schedules and the Time-Share Percentages — Part One

There are some standard custody schedules that people use when they set up their parenting plans. Many times parents set up these plans and don’t realize the exact amount of time that they will have with their child. To help … Continue reading

Examples of Joint Custody Schedules (2/2/5/5 and 3/3/4/4)

Parents who want to make a joint custody arrangement work have to come up with a good schedule for their children. If you want the children to have equal time with both parents there are a number of options you … Continue reading

Ackerman Parenting Plan in Custody X Change

What is the Ackerman Custody Schedule? The Ackerman plan is a joint custody arrangement where the parents set up custody and visitation as a 9/5 split alternating with a 10/4 split. The 9/5 split happens during the school year, or … Continue reading

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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