Guide to California Child Custody Topics

California child custody and visitation overview
Answers to your California child custody questions. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Do I need a lawyer? What is physical custody vs. legal custody?

California parenting plan and agreement guidelines
Rules and tips for making a California parenting plan or custody agreement. Follow these guidelines for a plan you can show a mediator and judge or use to settle.

California custody and visitation schedule guidelines
Save time and ensure your custody calendar meets California requirements by using these guidelines. See popular schedules and tips for kids of different ages.

California child support calculator
Instantly determine your child support by entering your incomes, parenting time and number of children. See how different parenting times affect the total.

Court process: 8 steps to child custody in California
The child custody court process from start to finish, with all the resources you need along the way. How to file, prepare for court and more in California.

Filing for child custody in California: 5 steps
Follow five steps while filing to avoid mistakes that can stall your California custody case. Find all the forms you need, learn how to serve papers, and more.

California: Prepare for court-ordered custody mediation
If you enter mediation ready, you're more likely to leave with an agreement and avoid trial. Understand mediation so you get the best custody plan for your children.

California child custody hearings: What to expect
Are you ready for your California child custody hearing? Learn how to prepare, what to bring, evidence permitted, what to expect, possible outcomes and more.

California child custody evaluations
California custody evaluations can play a big role in a judge's ruling. Make sure you know why they're ordered, how they work and what's expected of parents.

Child custody trials in California: Go in prepared
California custody trials are complicated, with witnesses, exhibits, multiple sessions and more. Understand the processes and protocols so you get what's best for your child.

Settling child custody and visitation in California: 3 steps
Settling is considered the best way to decide custody. Follow these steps to do it quickly, with no hiccups. Free templates and forms.

Custody orders in CA: Types, modification, enforcement
Emergency orders, temporary orders, final orders: learn the differences between the three and which may apply in your situation.

Special circumstances in California child custody
No two California child custody cases are the same. Do you need an interpreter? Child counsel? Supervised visitation? What other considerations are you forgetting?

Alternative ways to decide custody in California
These methods for deciding child custody outside of a courtroom are quickly gaining popularity in California. Could one work for you?

7 ways to use the Custody X Change app in California
Custody X Change can make your California custody case shorter and simpler, with better outcomes. Use it to replace complicated court forms, negotiate, settle and more.

California child custody resources and support
Need more information? Direct links to local courts, child support agencies, our California legal sources and beyond.

Custody X Change is software that creates customizable parenting plans and schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates customizable parenting plans and schedules.

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