How You Can Skip FL-341 C, FL-341 D and FL-341 E (CA)

When you complete California court forms related to child custody, many suggest you attach forms FL-341 C, FL-341 D and FL-341 E. (The FL stands for "family law.")

That's a lot to fill out. But you can replace them all with one document: a parenting plan.

Below, we'll walk you through how to use a parenting plan to save time and make life simpler.

FL-341 C

Form FL-341 C gives you space to describe your visitation schedule for holidays and vacations.

If you use a Custody X Change parenting plan, you end up with a similar holiday list, but you can use templates to get there quicker. Templates suggest how parents with children as old as yours tend to schedule holidays. Adjusting common arrangements goes much faster than approaching each holiday from scratch.

Another benefit of creating a holiday schedule with Custody X Change is that the arrangements show up on your digital custody calendar. The app can even alert you when it's time to exchange your children.

FL-341 D

Form FL-341 D lets you lay out more rules related to physical custody (i.e., time spent with the children).

For instance, it asks whether parents should have each other watch the children when they need child care and whether each will keep clothing for the children.

The Custody X Change parenting plan template covers the same topics as FL-341 D. But with a parenting plan, all your custody information is in one document.

FL-341 E

Form FL-341 E is just for parents who will have joint legal custody. It's where you explain exactly how joint decision-making will work.

On this form, you can prohibit both parents from changing the children's last name, set consequences for making a major decision alone, say how quickly you must notify each other of the children's health treatments, etc.

A Custody X Change parenting plan covers the same issues — and lets you add more legal custody details.

How to replace FL-341 forms with a parenting plan

Let the Custody X Change parenting plan template guide you step-by-step to a thorough, custom plan.

The plan will include a visual custody calendar and a written description.

When you're done, attach your parenting plan to any form that suggests you use FL-341 C, FL-341 D or FL-341 E. (For example, you can attach it to your divorce petition, your responsive declaration and your request for orders.) Then you can skip those optional FL-341 forms.

Advantages of using a parenting plan

Beyond being easier to fill out than a series of court forms, a Custody X Change parenting plan:

  • Comes with a digital custody calendar: You can get reminded about exchanges and calculate your parenting time. Your plan includes written and visual versions of the calendar.
  • Serves as a clear parenting guide after your case: When questions arise, like how far you can take the children without your co-parent's permission, find the answers easily in your plan rather than looking through multiple forms.
  • Helps you think through important details: The parenting plan template offers hundreds of popular parenting rules that FL-341 C, D and E don't cover.
  • Allows for customization: You can write as many unique parenting rules as you like.

Making a parenting plan with Custody X Change

Custody X Change helps you make a complete parenting plan quickly.

It walks you through common parenting rules you can choose from.

And it helps you create a custody schedule, complete with holidays and school breaks.

With Custody X Change, you can also journal about updates in your situation, store your children's information, track expenses, and more.

Custody X Change makes co-parenting simple for California parents.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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