Help With FL-340 | How to Add Custody Details Easily (CA)

Completing California's form FL-340 can be intimidating because it will become a court order and because you'll likely need to attach multiple documents.

If your judge has approved a parenting plan for your case, make things easy by attaching the plan along with FL-341. You'll have to do less writing, and you'll get to skip the forms that FL-341, in turn, asks you to attach: FL-341 C, D and E.

What is FL-340?

FL-340 is a cover form for court orders.

The judge may fill out FL-340 after a hearing or trial, or they may ask someone else to fill it out — like one of the attorneys in the case or a parent who's representing themself.

Completing FL-340 isn't hard in itself, but you'll need to prepare and attach detailed documents that will become court orders. That's where the complexity comes in.

Adding custody details to FL-340 quickly

Using a parenting plan means you have to do less rewriting of the judge's decisions.

First, make sure your parenting plan covers all the child custody decisions your judge made in the relevant hearing. If it doesn't, adjust the plan accordingly.

Then check "on form FL-341" on line 2 of FL-340.

You'll attach your parenting plan to FL-341 (which takes just a few minutes to fill out) and both those documents to FL-340.

Other tips for using FL-340

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