Make FL-355 Easy | Skip 3 Attachments With a Parenting Plan

California court form FL-355 is a short form to tell the court you're settling your parenting case. Use it whether you negotiated through an alternative dispute resolution method or decided settlement terms without professional help.

You'll need to attach all the terms you've agreed to. You can do this through a series of court forms or through one short form and a custom parenting plan.

What is FL-355?

FL-355 (standing for "family law 355") is a required cover sheet to tell the court you've reached a custody and visitation agreement with your child's other parent.

The form title is Stipulation and Order for Custody and/or Visitation of Children. The word stipulation means both parents agree to the request.

California provides more forms that can go with it.

Most people attach this form because it includes statements required by California courts (like one saying the respondent had the opportunity to be heard by the court):

Attach these two forms only if they're applicable — typically if your case involves abuse or neglect.

Some parents use these next forms to detail their custody agreement:

However, you can skip those last three forms if you attach FL-341 and a thorough parenting plan.

Adding custody details to FL-355 quickly

You don't have to limit your custody schedule or your parenting rules to what you see on California's standard attachments. Instead, use a parenting plan to explain the details of your ideal custody arrangement.

The Custody X Change parenting plan template guides you to create this document quickly.

Detail your sole or joint legal custody arrangement with intuitive categories like "school" and “health.” Specify who can make which decisions, and say whether you'll try mediation in the event of any future disagreements.

Custody X Change also guides you to build a visual custody calendar for sole or joint physical custody in minutes — including arrangements for holidays.

To show the judge your organized custody requests, attach your parenting plan to FL-341, which should take only a few minutes to fill out. Then attach both documents to FL-355.

On the FL-355 form, in paragraph 4b, check the box for FL-341.

Then you won't need to attach FL-341 C, D or E, and you'll likely end up with a clearer plan for parenting.

Why attach a parenting plan

The Custody X Change online app suggests many parenting rules — including ones you may not have thought to include — and makes it easy for you to fill them out.

Custody X Change also gives you:

  • A digital custody calendar: Get notifications about exchanges and calculate your parenting time. Written and visual versions of the calendar appear in your plan.
  • Easy access to your parenting plan after your case: When questions arise, like how far you can take your child without your co-parent's permission, consult the plan you've saved in the app.
  • Custom provisions: Add as many unique-to-your-family rules as you like.

Other tips for using FL-355

At the top, write in your case number and the parents' names (next to your roles as petitioner and respondent).

If you already have a custody and visitation order and you and the other parent are agreeing to change it, check the box for "modification".

Your lawyers (if any) should also sign the form. If you don't have lawyers, consult your superior court's self-help center to be sure you've completed FL-355 correctly.

Lower down, where it says "The court orders..." leave this blank. It's a space for the court to echo the information when it approves your agreement.

Making a parenting plan with Custody X Change

Custody X Change helps you make a thorough parenting plan quickly.

It walks you through common parenting rules you can include.

And it helps you create a custody schedule, complete with holidays and school breaks.

With Custody X Change, you can also journal about updates in your situation, store your children's information, track expenses, and more.

Custody X Change makes co-parenting simple for California parents.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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