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Out of State Child Custody and Visitation Schedules

Things to Consider When Making Your Out of State Schedule If you and your child’s other parent live in different states, you need a long distance visitation schedule.  When making a long distance schedule, you have to think about how to … Continue reading

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Parenting Plan Template Examples

To begin making your parenting plan, you can look at some parenting plan template examples to help you get started. Here are some basic issues that you should cover when making your plan. The Child’s Residence Choosing where the child … Continue reading

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Custody and Visitation Schedules for a Joint Custody Agreement

Have you decided to try a joint custody agreement for your custody situation? You are not alone. Many divorced and separated parents try to put their children first be adopting a joint agreement to raise the children. This is often … Continue reading

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Reducing Conflict When Making the Parenting Agreement Part 2

In the last post we discussed some strategies for reducing conflict to make a parenting plan that works with the other parent. The goal when working with the other parent is to make a plan that both parents find acceptable … Continue reading

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Reducing Conflict While Making the Parenting Agreement Part 1

A meeting between divorced and separated parents to talk about the parenting agreement typically goes like this. The parents begin by talking about an issue, let’s say the holiday schedule. One parent makes a suggestion and the other parent doesn’t … Continue reading

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Parenting Plan Schedules

Most parents spend a great deal of time working out the child custody and visitation schedule for their parenting plan. The parenting plan schedule directly affects how often each parent sees the child, so both parents have a very vested … Continue reading

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Figuring Out Vacations in the Parenting Plan and Custody Agreement

It’s that time of year–summer is just around the corner, and people are making plans for vacations. This can be a difficult subject for divorced and separated parents, unless they have figured out vacation time in their parenting plan and … Continue reading

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Common Shared Parenting Time Schedules Part 4

In this last post about parenting time schedules, we’ll look at some common shared parenting time schedules. Here are three more to think about. 3-3-4-4 Schedule In this schedule, the first parent has the children for 3 days, the second … Continue reading

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Examples of Parenting Time Schedules Part 3

In continuing to look at examples of parenting time schedules for your parenting agreement, we’re going to look at some common schedules where the parents have more equal time with the children. Alternating Weeks In this schedule, the parents simply … Continue reading

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