Why should you promote Custody X Change?

  • It's a really helpful product. Parents use Custody X Change during the struggling time of divorce when children are involved. The parents who do have less fighting and stay more involved with their children post-divorce.
  • It's the easiest to use, most flexible, and by far the most useful web application in the custody niche.
  • You get a 50% commission the initial purchase as well as any renewals. The initial average order is $86, earning you $43 immediately. Customers may renew for many years, continuing to earn you the same 50% commission each year.
  • The software has a generous return policy, but we have a low return rate. We offer a six-month, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. People also can use the app for free for as long as they'd like before purchasing.
  • We're making significant improvements to the web application, at a considerable cost to us. Every improvement that we make here improves your sales as well, with no cost to you.
  • Tracking uses cookies, IP addresses, and email addresses. Most people who purchase do so within a day or two, but these tracking methods make sure you also get commissions on those who take longer to decide.
  • You can promote it from your website, in email campaigns, or anywhere else you can put a link.
  • You can use channel tracking to know which are your best promotion methods, and then you can drive your growth by focusing on those campaigns.
  • You get useful analytics & reports: channel tracking, top-referring URL's, your best performing pages, trend graphs, and even raw click & signup data.

This affiliate program is only open to websites operating in a closely-related niche, such as: divorce, legal help, law firms, mediators, etc.

Your website must also receive at least 10,000 unique visitors per month to sign up.

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