Parenting Schedules Overview

Types of schedules:

Joint custody visitation schedules
Even if you and the other parent have equal amounts of time with your child, you may need to designate one home as your child's primary residence.

Sole custody visitation schedules
When one parent has sole physical custody of a child, the child lives with that parent the majority of the time.

Sole custody schedules for children
A sole custody schedule should provide as many age-appropriate visits with the noncustodial parent as possible.

Summer break custody and visitation schedules
If your child is in school, you'll need a summer break schedule in addition to your school year custody schedule.

Standard visitation schedules
Family courts generally have a basic schedule to work from when needed.

Working out a standard custody schedule
A standard custody schedule is an arrangement experts feel is in the best interest of most children. But it's not customized to your child, so use it as a starting point.

Comparing schedules:

Comparing 50/50 custody and 70/30 custody: Which is better?
Choosing a custody schedule can be exhausting due to the wide variety out there. Narrow your choices by learning the differences between 50/50 and 70/30 custody.

Schedules with weekdays and weekends for both parents
These two schedules give both parents weekdays and weekends with their child.

Alternating weekends options
In an alternating weekends schedule, your child spends time with the noncustodial parent every other weekend, but you can get creative to suit your family.

Examples of common custody schedules w/ timeshare percentages - Part one
How much time will you really be spending with your children? We take a look at the every weekend, alternating weeks and alternating weekends schedules.

Examples of common custody schedules w/ timeshare percentages - Part two
We explore the alternating weekends schedule to see how adding visits during the week and extending the weekend can increase your parenting time.

Examples of common custody schedules w/ timeshare percentages - Part three
We look at how you can adjust the alternating extended weekends schedule to increase the noncustodial parent's time. We also explain the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends schedule.

Sample parenting time schedules: 7 examples with pictures
Setting up a parenting time schedule is an enormous task for divorced and separated parents. Use these 7 examples to decide on a schedule that will work for your situation.

Weekly custody schedules and their differences
If frequent exchanges cause significant stress for your child, a schedule with exchanges once a week, every two weeks or every three weeks may be ideal.

Making a schedule:

Making a custody and visitation schedule
What to include in a custody and visitation schedule. Things to consider when making a schedule.

Location-specific parenting time guidelines: US, Canada, UK, Australia
Every location has different scheduling guidelines, so we research across countries, states and provinces. Choose your location to learn more.

Understanding parenting time guidelines
Most states issue guidelines for parenting time. We help you make sense of them.

13 factors to consider when creating a custody schedule
Thinking about these factors will help you make a schedule that fulfills your child's physical, emotional and social needs.

3rd party time in your custody schedule
3rd party time is when your child isn't with either parent. Here are some examples of how it changes the parenting timeshare in any schedule.

Child custody visitation schedule template: 4 important categories
Are you looking for a child custody visitation schedule template? Here is a basic one to get you started.

Infographic: Making a parenting and visitation schedule
Making a custody schedule is complex. Use this visual guide to simplify.

Creating an effective co-parenting calendar
What the judge wants to see in your calendar, and what to do if the other parent won't collaborate.

Get more visitation using Custody X Change
If you're a divorced or divorcing parent you understand how necessary it is to figure out the best child visitation and custody arrangement you can.

Tools for making a schedule:

Custody schedules in Outlook, Apple & Google calendars
If you're a divorced or separated parent planning to use an Outlook, Apple iCloud or Google calendar, here's what to know.

Using software to create a parenting time schedule / calendar
The major components of the parenting time schedule, and how you can create one using Custody X Change.

Using co-parenting wall calendars and day planners
Creating a co-parenting calendar is vital to maintaining order after a divorce or separation. Find a format that will work for your family.

Custody calendars in Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets
Excel and Sheets offer templates you can turn into custody calendars. Find out how and which alternatives may be easier for you.

Negotiating a schedule:

Preparing custody schedules for mediation
Coming to mediation with a schedule to suggest is essential; it means you won't have to start from scratch.

Tips on negotiating a custody schedule
The majority of parents must negotiate how they will raise their children once divorced. But it's not easy.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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