Negotiating a Parenting Plan and Custody Agreement

Use Custody X Change in negotiations

it is often difficult for parents to work together on a custody plan, even when they both want to come to an agreement. If one parent is uncooperative, it can feel impossible to negotiate.

Parenting plans and custody agreements work best when parents cooperate and make arrangements they both support. Even when there is disagreement and conflict, Custody X Change can help you negotiate a fair plan with the other parent. Try downloading the software.

The software can help in your negotiations by:

  • Easing the stress and tension when working with the other parent on your plan
  • Making it easy to look at options for your parenting time schedule
  • Allowing you to add personal custody provisions in your agreement
  • Providing you with clear visuals of your parenting time and your entire plan
Ease stress and tension during negotiations

When negotiating your child custody agreement, you and the other parent have to put your personal feelings aside and focus on what is best for your child. This can be difficult to do because custody negotiations often bring up negative feelings between parents.

There are several ways that Custody X Change helps ease some of the stress and tension in negotiation:

  • You can personally use the software to create multiple sample plans to show the other parent when you meet to negotiate
  • You can take the information from a meeting with the other parent, go home and create a plan that incorporates what you both want
  • You can sit down with the other parent in front of the computer and work together to make a plan you both like
Benefits of Custody X Change for negotiations

Entering into negotiations with the other parent for custody and parenting time is extremely stressful, and a tool such as Custody X Change can help you and the other parent get to the heart of matters rather than get sidetracked.

Offer a few suggested plans: Custody X Change makes it simple to create parenting plans. It lets you create multiple plans to show the other parent. You don't have to spend hours writing a plan out by hand only to have the other parent reject it. Instead, you can create several acceptable plans and get feedback from the other parent about what will work.

Make quick changes. After your meeting with the other parent, you can make any changes he or she suggested at home using the software. When you meet again, you can present the revised plan right away. This saves you from the constant battling back and forth about incorporating input from the other parent.

Keeps things neutral. Custody X Change is a neutral tool that helps both of you cooperate as you make your agreement. When you use the software, it automatically reduces tension just because it helps both of you focus on making a plan. By following the steps of the software, you can stay focused on your child by following a checklist for making each part of your agreement.

Options for your parenting time schedule

With Custody X Change, you can easily look at different options for your parenting time schedule so that you can create a schedule that works for your child and that each parent can support.

When you create a schedule in Custody X Change, you can:

  • See the exact timeshare percentage that each parent has with the children, so you can make a schedule that really gives fair parenting time to both parents
  • Look at different options for the residential schedule until you find something that will work for your child and your situation
  • Customize your schedule so that it fits your child's needs
  • Add holidays and divide the holiday time between the parents
  • Include special events and vacations so your schedule is complete.

All of these help you negotiate a schedule with the other parent that makes everyone happy. Getting a good schedule in place also makes it easier for both parents to follow the agreement, which reduces conflict later on.

Add custody provisions to your plan

Including personal rules and provisions in your plan helps you and the other parent feel more secure about your agreement. Custody X Change allows you to customize your plan to fit your situation.

Custody X Change makes it easy to include provisions because it provides a list of provisions to choose from. You can also add customized personal provisions.

Parents commonly include the following provisions:

  • Transportation to and from exchanges
  • Resolving disputes and making changes to the plan
  • Changing parenting time
  • Handling extra expenses for the child
  • Traveling with the child
  • Child care expenses

Adding custody provisions to your agreement will help you get the right plan for your child and for your circumstances. Provisions also make it easier to implement and follow the parenting plan after negotiations.

Provide clear visuals of your plan and schedule

As you make a schedule and plan using Custody X Change, you can print documents that clearly show your parenting time and other custody arrangements.

The documents from the software include:

  • Calendars that show when each parent has the children
  • Holiday schedules that show how the parents have divided the holiday time
  • Complete parenting plans that outline the schedule, parenting provisions, and other custody terms and conditions
  • Timeshare percentage reports that break down the exact time each parent has with the children

These documents are useful when you sit down with the other parent to negotiate the custody agreement. They give you a tool to easily and quickly explain your parenting plan ideas, and the clear visuals help the other parent see what you are talking about.

Once you have a plan both of you like, you can sign the agreement and submit it to the court.

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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