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Basic Custody Agreements
You will need to decide what kind of custody each parent is going to have and include it in your agreement.

Successful Custody Agreements for Infants
When you are making a custody agreement for an infant, you should always think about what would be best for the child.

Preparing a Custody Agreement for Mediation
Mediation is an opportunity to sit down with the other parent and work through the issues you are unable to agree on. The mediator can offer objectivity because he or she is a neutral third party.

Military Custody Agreements
If you are in the military, your custody agreement should contain various provisions designed to protect you and your child from various situations that may arise due to the nature of your military service.

Successful Custody Agreements for Newborns
The key to getting your custody agreement approved by the court is to create one that puts the needs of your newborn above your own wants and desires.

Custody Agreements for School Age Children
There are many things that should be considered when creating a custody agreement for a child that is old enough to attend school.

Joint Custody Agreements
“Joint custody” can have different connotations across the country. In this article, “joint custody” shall refer to both parents sharing legal and physical custody.

Long Distance Custody Agreements
When parents live with distance between them they will need to make special arrangements in order for the absent parent to maintain a relationship with and spend time with the child.

Sole Custody Agreements
Most courts find that children benefit from being able to spend time with both parents. Some courts even have a preference to award joint custody. However, joint custody is not always appropriate for every situation.

Shared Custody Agreements
Different states use different terms and meanings to describe shared custody.

Standard Custody Agreements
Traditionally, a standard custody agreement is a generic agreement that provides parents with basic parental rights and the accepted minimal amount of time with their child.

Temporary Custody Agreements
A temporary custody order contains the arrangements necessary for the care and control of the child until a custody order is finalized.

Custody Agreements for Teenagers
It can be difficult to keep up with the plans of any teenager. When the child has two homes, it becomes even harder to keep tabs on them.

Long Distance Custody Agreements
When parents live with distance between them they will need to make special arrangements in order for the absent parent to maintain a relationship with and spend time with the child.

Guidelines for Effective Parenting Plans
Because no two families live under the exact same set of circumstances, there is no single perfect parenting plan.

Deciding a Holiday Schedule for your Parenting Plan
The holiday schedule for a parenting plan is a portion of the visitation schedule that addresses where your children will be for each holiday.

Creating an Interstate Parenting Plan
An interstate parenting plan is one that allows parents who live in two different states to work together to raise their children and provide stable and loving environments for them.

Making a Long Distance Parenting Plan Work
A long distance parenting plan is the legal document that outlines how you and the other parent will raise your children after your divorce despite living some distance away from each other.

Making Military Parenting Plans Work for Everyone
When one or both of you serve in the military, then decide to divorce, your parenting plan must reflect the unique circumstances of your jobs.

Modifying Your Parenting Plan Effectively
You are allowed to modify a parenting plan once it is approved in family court as long as you can show that the current plan is no longer meeting your children's needs.

Advantages to Negotiating Your Parenting Plan
Negotiating a parenting plan is important because it allows you to insert your own opinions and experience into the document that will govern the way you and the other parent will raise your children.

Working Together on Out-of-state Custody Arrangements
You will need a custody arrangement as part of your divorce proceedings, so an out-of-state custody arrangement means that you and the other parent are living in separate states, or soon will be.

Preparing a Parenting Plan for Court
A parenting plan, a document that outlines how you and the other parent will raise your children, is required by family courts as part of your divorce proceedings. The parenting plan allows parents to resolve disagreements and document your agreements on parenting.

Insight into Preparing a Parenting Plan for Mediation
You must seriously consider preparing a parenting plan for mediation so that you can get your thoughts, opinions and preferences for raising your children into the decision-making process.

Creating a Parenting Plan for Your Newborn
A newborn's basic requirements for sleeping, eating and bonding are more strict than with older children, requiring special consideration.

Parenting Plans for School Age Children
Parenting plans for school age children are legally required in many states, but it's always a wise idea to compose such a document even if it is not mandatory.

Creating Parenting Plans for Teenagers
A detailed parenting plan will enable your teen to have a more structured and orderly life as he or she deals with the changes that divorce brings.

Making Shared Parenting Plans Work For Your Family
Shared parenting is a custody agreement between parents in which the care of the children is essentially equal between them.

Creating a Sole Custody Parenting Plan
A sole custody parenting plan outlines the responsibilities of both parents parent as well as the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent.

Examining Standard Parenting Plans
While there are some commonalities found in successful parenting plans, there is no single type of parenting plan that applies to all families.

Creating Temporary Parenting Plans
If you are filing for divorce, you need a temporary parenting plan in place that outlines which parent has custody of the children as well as a visitation schedule for the other parent.

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