Parental Responsibility Court Orders in Florida

When a court rules on what someone must or must not do, it issues the details in the form of a court order.

Parenting plans, time-sharing schedules and child support arrangements become court orders once approved or issued by a judge.

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Types of orders

Your family law case may involve several types of orders.

Temporary orders

Temporary orders provide short-term solutions to disputes that can't wait until the end of legal proceedings.

Examples include:

  • Temporary orders for child support, parental responsibility and time-sharing
  • Temporary permission to relocate more than 50 miles away
  • A temporary injunction preventing a parent from leaving the state with the children or getting passports for them
  • Temporary protection against domestic violence and abuse

Parents or a guardian ad litem can request these orders, and a judge decides whether to issue them, usually following a hearing.

The judge specifies a date when the order will expire, unless it's extended or replaced by a final judgment first.

Final judgments

The judge's ultimate decision in your case, at the end of a settlement or trial, is called the final judgment.

It addresses all the issues laid out in your initial filing and includes your parenting plan, time-sharing arrangement and child support requirements.

Other orders

The court will issue an order requiring mediation in all contested cases without domestic violence.

In complicated or heated cases, the judge may also order a social investigation.

Other things the judge may order include paternity testing, a child's attendance or testimony in court (which is extremely rare) and a guardian ad litem.

Requesting orders

Most of the time, a judge will only issue an order after a parent or guardian ad litem has requested it by filing the appropriate form and providing evidence, often in a hearing.

Petitions ask the court to do something major, like open a case to decide parental responsibility.

Motions make requests during a case, for things like temporary time-sharing, deviations from child support guidelines, and more.

Modifying orders

Parenting plans should always lay out how parents can agree on changes to responsibility and time-sharing. Parents can submit their agreements to court for approval.

If parents can't agree, the court will modify a final judgment only if circumstances have changed substantially from when the judgment was issued.

If this is the case, either parent can file a supplemental petition to request a modification to a parenting plan, time-sharing schedule, child support arrangement or relocation order.

After a hearing, judges respond to modification requests with supplemental final judgments.

Enforcing orders

If the other parent doesn't follow final orders, you can ask your family court to hold them in contempt, which can bring fines or even jail time. The judge will evaluate evidence during a hearing.

Child support orders can also be enforced by the Department of Revenue Child Support Program.

Complying with orders

When a court issues orders, it's essential you follow them to the letter. If you don't, you can be brought back to court, charged with a crime and more.

Orders for time-sharing can be particularly difficult to decipher. When exactly does "Week 2" begin this month? Which day is considered the middle of winter break?

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Take advantage of our technology so you never have to wonder if you're interpreting the court's order correctly.

Custody X Change is software that creates customizable parenting plans and schedules.

Make My Florida Plan Now

Custody X Change is software that creates customizable parenting plans and schedules.

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