Example Shared Parenting Custody Schedules — 2/2/3 and Variations Alternating Weeks

Parents who want equal time with their children should try a shared parenting arrangement. Shared parenting is another word for joint custody or co-parenting. Some of the previous posts cover examples and samples of different custody schedules. We’ll look at a few more of those in this post. These are some custody schedules that work with shared parenting.

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1. 2/2/3 Custody Schedule. In this custody schedule, one parent has the child for two days, the other parent has the child for the next two days, and then the child goes back to the parent for a three day weekend. It ends up working out that each parent has two days with the child during the week and the parents alternate with a long weekend. Here is a calendar view to make it more clear.


You can see with this schedule that the parents have an equal amount of time with the children. It is a two week rotating schedule and it is usually a good arrangement if parents want to alternate weekends. There is more switching back and forth than a 3/3/4/4 and a 2/2/5/5 custody schedule. If the parents live close by and the child does all right with the changes then this arrangement may work very well for you.

2. Variations on Alternating Weeks. Alternating weeks of custody is the simplest shared parenting schedule. However, the drawback of this schedule is that a parent doesn’t see the children for an entire week. To make this work, many parents take the basic alternating week schedule and add some variations to it. A common thing to do is to add an evening visit during the week with the other parent.


You can see that the visit allows the other parent some time during the week with the other parent so it isn’t too long. You could also make this an overnight visit if you wanted.


This could also be labeled a 4/1/2 rotating schedule. You don’t really see that as a common term though–it’s easier to just think of it as alternating weeks of custody with an overnight visit.

The pattern that emerges with all of these schedules, is that to make a shared parenting arrangement, simply divide up a week or two week time period equally between the parents. Then you can have that be your repeating cycle. You can set up anything that works for you. Perhaps it works best for you to have the child live with one parent, but the other parent takes them after school and on Friday night. Experiment with some different custody calendars and see what looks good to you.

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