Age-Based Parenting Schedules


Shared custody schedules for newborns
Newborns need to have short, frequent visits with both parents. Keep this and other facts about newborns in mind as you make a custody schedule for your new child.

Creating shared custody schedules for infants
Answers to questions about overnight visits, what to avoid in an infant visitation schedule and more.

Visitation schedules for newborns
In a typical custody arrangement for a newborn, one parent has the baby the majority of the time, while the other parent has visitation.

The new mother's guide to newborn and infant visitation schedules
If you're a first time mother and separated from your baby's father, figuring out a custody arrangement can be difficult. Use this guide as a starting point.

Young children:

Visitation schedules for toddlers
Sample toddler visitation schedules, including discussion of holidays.

Successful shared custody schedules for toddlers
It may seem simple to create a custody schedule by dividing up days on the calendar. However, that will not meet your toddler's needs for proper growth and development.

Visitation schedules for young children
The age of your child can have a profound effect on your visitation schedule.

Shared custody schedules for young children
Answers to questions about vacations, what happens when a schedule isn't working, and more.

Creating long distance visitation schedules for toddlers and young children
Toddlers and young children benefit tremendously from having both parents involved in their lives. Find out how to maintain a balanced parenting arrangement after a parent moves away.

School-age children:

Custody schedules for school-age children
Specific advice for children in younger and older grades.

Visitation schedules for school-age children
Once your child starts school, you will have to create a visitation schedule that works with their school schedule. You will also need to factor in any extracurricular activities.


Setting up shared custody schedules for teenagers
A shared custody schedule for teenagers will help separated parents provide consistency, support and one-on-one time with their teenager, who is working toward independence.

Visitation schedules for teenagers
As you create a visitation schedule for your teenager, you may want to consider your child's personality, school schedule, activities, etc.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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