Tools for Law & Custody X Change: More Accurate Calculations

Use Tools for Law and Custody X Change together

Get the most accurate child support amounts when you combine Custody X Change with Tools for Law.

When Tools for Law asks you for timeshare percentages, don't rely on guesswork or estimates. Instead, use Custody X Change to calculate total parenting time numbers from any custody schedule.

Enter those numbers into the appropriate field in the Tools for Law program for an accurate
and fair child support amount based on Florida's guidelines.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Tools for Law to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Tools for Law software helps Florida family law professionals

Tools for Law is a software program designed specifically for legal professionals in Florida.  It calculates a range of formulas related to family law cases, including child and spousal support.

Here are some of the reasons Tools for Law software is an asset to any Florida family law professional:

  • Simple to navigate
  • Accurate calculations
  • Speedy and dependable
  • Compliant with Florida statutes
  • Compatible with PCs and Macs
  • One-screen convenience
  • Bilingual features
  • Quick report generation

When you purchase Tools for Law software, you are entitled to call the company headquarters in Tampa, Florida for customer support from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursdays, and 9:00 to noon on Fridays (EST).

You can download a free 10-day trial version of Tools for Law so you can see for yourself how the software can help you quickly and easily get accurate numbers for your family law cases.

Benefits of Tools for Law software

The focus of Tools for Law is to help family law professionals calculate child support based on the complex and changing Florida child support guidelines. Tools for Law lets family law professionals create accurate numbers for a range of complex formulas.

The Tools for Law software lets users complete several calculations:  

  • Calculate figures from gross income for both parties. Even with incomplete information, the software can calculate net figures from the data you enter.
  • Integrate Social Security dependency based on the most recent Florida laws.
  • Set accurate Florida child support amounts rounded to the penny and allows for 50/50 calculations. The software is updated with the latest guidelines provided by the state of Florida.
  • Figures income tax with flexibility and speed, including any alimony tax ramifications and options for what tax computations will look like with and without child credit and earned income credit.
  • Create multiple case worksheets to view different scenarios on the screen at the same time without printing them out.
  • Compile data into detailed reports that you can print for yourself, clients or court.
  • Translates reports from English to Spanish to better serve your Spanish-speaking clients.

Tools for Law specializes in child support calculations. The Florida child support formula includes several factors, such as each parent's income and the number of overnights with the non-custodial parent.

The software is completely up to date with the latest Florida child support guidelines as outlined in Florida Statue 61:30. It can calculate child support for both sole custody and split custody.

Tools for Law requires overnight totals

Tools for Law software requires an overnight total for the non-custodial parent in order to figure out child support, based on the guidelines set by the state of Florida.

Parenting time is the total overnight time each parent spends with their children. To figure out a correct overnight total for Florida, you must calculate the amount of time the non-residential parent spends with the children. When clients set up a visitation schedule, it becomes very difficult to calculate a precise total.

The overnight total is combined with data on each parent's income for a parenting time credit. In Florida, a parenting time credit applies to only joint physical custody cases. Sole custody cases do not qualify for any kind of child support credit based on overnights. Tools for Law lets you enter an overnight total in order to calculate accurate child support.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time totals

Custody X Change software includes a parenting time calculator that shows exactly how much time each parent has with the children. It can provide this data as total number of hours, days or as a percentage of time annually.

When users set up a parenting time schedule, the software automatically counts up all the overnights for each parent. This accurate overnight total really helps you use Tools for Law software.

Use Custody X Change to get accurate overnight totals, because:

  • Overnight totals are difficult to figure out by hand, because attorneys must add all the time up within a year for the non-residential parent.
  • Figuring overnight totals adjust every time an attorney changes the schedule.
  • Calculating and re-calculating any change to the schedule is so complex, some attorneys are forced to estimate or guess.
  • Entering overnight totals calculated from a guess or estimate into the Florida child support formula means that child support amounts will likely be wrong.

Figuring out child support amounts requires exact numbers, from each parent's income to the amount of credits allowed. One of the most important numbers is the overnight total, or how long each parent is scheduled to be with the children. Correct numbers mean the child support amount is fair and accurate, and Custody X Change delivers accurate totals every time.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Tools for Law to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Tools for Law to have more accurate child support calculations.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now