Pennsylvania SupportCalc & Custody X Change: More Accurate Calculations

Use Pennsylvania SupportCalc and Custody X Change together

Get the most accurate child support amounts when you combine Custody X Change with Pennsylvania SupportCalc.

When Pennsylvania SupportCalc asks you for timeshare percentages, don't rely on guesswork or estimates. Instead, use Custody X Change to calculate total parenting time numbers from any custody schedule.

Enter those numbers into the appropriate field in the Pennsylvania SupportCalc program for an accurate and fair child support amount based on Pennsylvania's guidelines.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Pennsylvania SupportCalc to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Pennsylvania SupportCalc helps family law professionals

Pennsylvania SupportCalc has features that help family law professionals be more productive in handling family law cases. Judges, attorneys and mediators can all benefit from Pennsylvania SupportCalc when figuring accurate child support amounts.

Working on family law cases takes time, especially when it comes to dealing with the complicated formulas that figure out child support, spousal support, tax credits and more. Pennsylvania SupportCalc's features are specifically designed to provide accurate results based on the case information you input. It eliminates human calculating errors and allows users to evaluate multiple scenarios by changing the custody

Some of the helpful features included in Pennsylvania SupportCalc software include:

  • Options for sole, shared and split custody worksheets
  • Simple program interface and easy data entry
  • Print out final calculations for reports and court paperwork

Pennsylvania SupportCalc can also make you more productive professionally. It can reduce the time it takes for you to calculate child support amounts by replacing a slow, hand-calculated method with fast, reliable automatic calculations.

Family law professionals can benefit from using child support calculation software because it eliminates error and increases production.

Pennsylvania SupportCalc reflects current state guidelines

One of the most impressive features of Pennsylvania SupportCalc include the software's inclusion of calculations and formulas that reflect the most current Pennsylvania child support guidelines.

Alternative calculation programs may not be as up-to-date as Pennsylvania SupportCalc, leaving family law professionals with inaccurate results. Because child support amounts are such an important part of divorce and custody cases, it's critical to have the most accurate calculations possible.

Whenever there are updates to the Pennsylvania child support guidelines, the Legal+Plus Software Group, the parent company of Pennsylvania SupportCalc, will notify clients via letter or email. The letter provides details on how to get your software current whenever there is an update.

Pennsylvania SupportCalc also includes the most current IRS tax information, such as tax tables and income tax categories. FICA ceiling changes are also updated to reflect the most current version.

Pennsylvania SupportCalc is used across the state by judges, attorneys and mediators. Several state agencies that deal in custody issues and family law also choose this calculation software.

Family law professionals who use the program will feel confident that the results are accurate. Whether the case is simple or complex, Pennsylvania SupportCalc can be trusted to produce the right amounts.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time totals

Custody X Change software includes a parenting time calculator that shows exactly how much time each parent has with the children. It can provide this data as total number of hours, days or as a percentage of time annually.

When users set up a parenting time schedule, the software automatically counts up all the full, half and quarter days for the non-residential parent. This accurate parenting time total really helps you get the most out of Pennsylvania SupportCalc software.

Use Custody X Change to get accurate parenting time totals, because:

  • Parenting time totals are difficult to figure out by hand, because attorneys must add all the quarter, half and full days within a year for the non-residential parent.
  • Figuring parenting time totals adjust every time an attorney changes the schedule.
  • Calculating and re-calculating any change to the schedule is so complex, some attorneys are forced to estimate or guess.
  • Entering parenting time totals calculated from a guess or estimate into the Pennsylvania child support formula means that child support amounts will likely be wrong.

Figuring out child support amounts requires exact numbers, from each parent's income to the amount of credits allowed. Another important number is the parenting time total, or how long each parent is scheduled to be with the children. Correct numbers mean the child support amount is fair and accurate, and Custody X Change delivers accurate totals every time.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Pennsylvania SupportCalc to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Pennsylvania SupportCalc to have more accurate child support calculations.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now