Minnesota Guide to Child Custody

Where to begin:

Child custody: Laws and more
What you need to know about custody and parenting time in Minnesota. What does the court consider? How do you find legal help?

Establishing legal parenthood in Minnesota
How to know if you're a legal parent and how to become one in Minnesota. Parenthood lets you seek custody of your child.

Minnesota child support calculator
Instantly estimate child support. Enter your incomes and number of children. See how different parenting times affect the total.

Reaching an agreement:

Parenting plans and custody agreements
A solid parenting plan benefits your child and the entire family. Follow these guidelines to write your proposal alone or with the other parent.

Custody and parenting time schedules
Here's how to create a parenting time schedule. Good organization helps you and the other parent work together to care for your child.

Alternative dispute resolution for Minnesota child custody
If you can't reach a custody agreement on your own, an alternative dispute resolution professional can help. Here are your options.

Going to court:

Child custody process: Going to court
The custody process from start to finish: filing a case, getting temporary orders, mediation, trial and beyond.

Filing for child custody in Minnesota
Follow these steps to start your Minnesota custody and parenting time case. Learn what forms you need, how to serve papers and more.

Child custody trials in Minnesota: What to expect
How to prepare for trial involving child custody in Minnesota. Learn about witnesses, evidence, privacy and trial dates.

Explore examples of common schedules