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Support obligation will be set at the court's discretion if combined income is more than $30,000.

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Courts often use wrong parenting time estimates when calculating child support, which could make your child support either too high or too low.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time accurately, so your child support will have the fairest outcome for your kids.

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Kentucky child support can be affected by parenting time totals

In Kentucky, the court uses child support guidelines. It may deviate on a case-by-case basis. Accurate parenting time numbers can directly affect your child support — whether you pay or receive.

Use the calculator above to see how much you will owe or receive under this formula.

Most parenting time totals are estimates (and thus incorrect)

Kentucky lawyers and judges often rely on parenting time estimates, even if they are incorrect, because counting parenting time is tedious and time consuming. Divorcing parents often rely on these estimates as well.

Using estimates means your parenting time totals are wrong when compared to your actual parenting time schedule. This means your child support amount will not be fair or exact.

How to calculate parenting time instead of relying on estimates

To calculate parenting time, the easiest and most accurate way is to use software. Without software, you're forced to add up your parenting time for a whole year, which is error-prone when you include alternating holidays, summer break, and any changes to the schedule throughout the year.

Visualize your schedule. Get a written parenting plan. Calculate your parenting time.

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Using software, you can also tweak your schedule to see how even little changes affect your total parenting time, and you can see how your parenting time changes each year due to holidays and other events.

You can also track what actually happens, and show how much parenting time you've actually received for any period of time. Historical information is a powerful tool when you request a child support modification or when you request more parenting time.

Fast facts about Kentucky child support

In any divorce, Kentucky family courts award custody of the children to one or both parents. Custody is divided into legal custody and physical custody.

In a Kentucky physical custody case, the family court will designate a primary physical custodian.  It can put physical custody under either a sole or joint designation. The primary physical custodian is the parent who hosts the children the majority of the time. The noncustodial parent has visitation or parenting time.

Kentucky child support formula and parenting time totals

In Kentucky, the child support formula is the same for sole and joint physical custody.

When parents have equal time, the family court may examine the situation to make a personalized decision on the amount of support.

Why accurate overnights are important in Kentucky

Counting your overnights accurately is important. If the noncustodial parent has a lot of visits, it will affect the amount.

Examples of Kentucky child support

Consider the hypothetical case of Robert and Mary. Robert earns $4,000 per month, while Mary earns $2,400 per month after allowable deductions. They have two children.

Here are the steps to figure out their child support amount:

  1. Their monthly income totals $6,400, of which Mary contributes 37 percent and Robert contributes 63 percent.
  2. Robert and Mary are allowed to subtract $200 based on certain allowable adjustments outlined in the Kentucky Revised Statues. In this case, adjustments included health care coverage for the children.
  3. Their revised combined income is $6,200. This monthly total is then located on the table in the Kentucky child support guidelines.
  4. According to the table, the total base support obligation for two children is $1,217.
  5. That amount is then multiplied by the percentage of income for both Robert and Mary. For Robert, the base amount is $767 and for Mary, it is $450.
  6. Robert pays the $767 in child support to Mary if he is the nonresidential parent. Mary pays $450 if she is the nonresidential parent.

If either parent were able to show that their parenting time greatly exceeded the standard as a nonresidential parent, the Kentucky family court may consider reducing the amount of child support.

Other factors in the Kentucky child support formula

Kentucky's child support formula uses the following information to calculate your monthly amounts for joint custody child support:

  • The nonresidential parent's adjusted monthly income
  • The number of children under the age of 18 or (if over 18) still attending high school
  • Their overnights with the children
  • The cost of health insurance for the children
  • A pre-existing child support or alimony obligation by either parent

How accurate child support helps your children

Paying accurate child support helps your children in several ways, primarily because it ensures their financial needs are met.

Here are some other reasons why accurate overnight numbers help you, the other parent and your children:

  • It provides a fair way to determine your child support amounts
  • It guarantees the child support amount reflects each parent's responsibilities
  • It allows for modifications if your actual time and scheduled time are different
  • It is compliant with Kentucky law

Your financial obligations to your children don't end with divorce, so whether you are paying or receiving child support, you owe it to your children to pay or receive the proper amount.

Top 4 things to remember about Kentucky child support and parenting time

To ensure you are paying or receiving the right amount of child support in Kentucky:

  1. Kentucky figures child support amounts based on your income, including numbers such as gross monthly income and health care premiums for the children.
  2. Calculate your accurate overnights, and show this information to the court.
  3. A Kentucky family court may deviate from the guidelines for your specific circumstance.
  4. Regardless of sole or joint custody, one parent will be designated the primary custodial parent while the other is the secondary custodial parent.

Use the Custody X Change software to accurately calculate your total overnights to present to an Kentucky family court.

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