Visitation Timeshare and Overnight Calculator

The visitation timeshare, also called the parenting timeshare, is the percentage of time each parent has the child. A visitation timeshare calculator calculates the visitation timeshare for you.

Custody X Change is software with a visitation timeshare calculator.

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Using the timeshare calculator in the software can help you:

Make your parenting time schedule

The timeshare calculator makes it easy to compare the differences in parenting time as you explore residential schedules for your visitation schedule. This can help you choose the best schedule.

A timeshare calculator also shows how your timeshare is affected when you make small adjustments to your schedule.

Some adjustments to your schedule that impact the timeshare percentage are:

Looking at the timeshare percentages as you experiment with schedule ideas can help you find the right schedule for your situation.

Prepare for negotiations, mediation or court

The timeshare calculator can help you:

  • Show the other parent the different parenting timeshares in schedule ideas when you negotiate a plan together
  • Create a schedule that both parents support
  • Create sample schedules and agreements with the parenting timeshares to show at mediation
  • Prepare for court by making a schedule and plan that show the parenting timeshare
  • Work with your attorney by looking at timeshare percentages for various schedules to get the schedule and plan you want
Use your timeshare in your child support calculation

Most states use timeshare percentage, overnight timeshare, or hours of parenting time as one of the biggest factors in the child support calculation. To pay or receive the right amount of child support, you need to know the correct parenting timeshare.

The timeshare calculator calculates the exact timeshare percentage, overnight timeshare, and hours of parenting so you have an accurate number for your child support calculation.

Compare scheduled parenting time with actual time

After you have your schedule in place, you can use the visitation timeshare calculator to track your schedule to see if your actual parenting timeshare is the same as your scheduled parenting timeshare.

If your actual parenting timeshare is different than the scheduled timeshare you may want to modify your custody schedule or child support order (if you have the children more than you are scheduled, you should pay less or receive more child support).

Showing the other parent that you are tracking the actual parenting time can also help both parents follow the schedule better.

Custody X Change is software that makes it easy to document your situation and stay organized.

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Custody X Change is software with a visitation timeshare calculator.

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