Medical and Health Care Provision Examples

You can pick and choose from these health care provisions to include the information you want in your parenting plan.

These example provisions are flexible and you can include parts of them and or/alter the wording to fit your situation. You can also write additional provisions for your plan.

Check your state custody guidelines to find out if your state requires certain medical provisions to be in your parenting plan. Typically your plan can have extra provisions along with the state required ones.

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Health insurance

Mother/Father/Both parents shall provide health care for the minor child if it is available through their employer at a reasonable cost.

If health insurance is not available through their employer at a reasonable cost, Mother/Father/Both shall obtain or continue private insurance.

The cost of health insurance coverage will be paid by the parents as follows: % by father, % by mother

Each parent will be provided with a copy of the child's medical insurance card.

Health care expenses

Costs of medical, dental, optical, and psychological expenses not covered by insurance, including co-payments and deductibles, will be paid by the parents as follows: % by father, % by mother

The parent who incurs a medical expense shall provide the other parent with the original or copies of all medical bills within 30 days of the bill.

The other parent shall reimburse the parent incurring an expense or pay directly to the health care provider that parent's percentage share of the bill within 30 days of receipt of the bill.

Any health care for the child, whether covered by insurance or not, must be approved in advance, in writing, by both parents or by prior court order if it would result in an actual out-of-pocket expense of over $100 to the parent who did not incur or consent to the expense.

Health care providers and appointments

The mother/father/both parents will decide on the health care providers and facilities for the child. The child's current providers include:

Each parent is responsible for providing the name, address, and telephone number of the other parent to health practitioners who examine or treat the children.

Each parent must advise the other parent within a reasonable time when the minor child visits the doctor, hospital, or place of medical treatment (including checkups), including the date of the visit, the name and address of the doctor, the condition treated, the results of the treatment, and a description of any follow-up appointments made.

The parents will alternate the responsibility of taking the children to routine health-care appointments when the appointments interfere with their respective work schedules.

Care of the child

Neither parent shall submit the child to any extended course of medical, dental, orthodontic, psychiatric, or psychological treatment/counseling without the consent (preferably written) of the other parent.

Both parents agree to follow the advice of the child's pediatrician or health care provider.

Both parents are required to administer any prescribed medications for the children.

If a child is too ill to attend school, s/he shall remain at the residence of the parent with whom s/he is scheduled to be with to receive care.

Before participating in any out-of-home activities, a child who has been ill must be symptom-free for 12 hours.

Emergency medical care

Each parent is authorized to take any and all actions necessary to protect the health and welfare of the children, including but not limited to consent to emergency surgical procedures or treatment.

The parent authorizing emergency surgical procedures or treatment must notify the other parent as soon as possible of the emergency situation and of all procedures or treatment already administered and to be administered to the children.

Mental health

Father/Mother/Child agrees to participate in individual counseling

Father/Mother/Child shall participate in a psychological evaluation.

Health care records

Mother/Father/Both parents are allowed to see and obtain copies of the minor child's medical records.

The term "medical expense" or "medical records" shall include but not be limited to medical, dental, orthodontic, optical, surgical, hospital, major medical, psychological, psychiatric, outpatient, doctor, therapy, counseling, prosthetic, and/or all other expenses/records including preventative health care expenses/records related to the treatment of the human body and mind.

How to add medical and health care provisions with Custody X Change

It’s easy. Just use our guide to selecting parenting plan provisions. In the app, you’ll work mostly in these provision categories: “expenses,” “records,” “medical responsibilities” and “counseling.”

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plans and custody schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plans and custody schedules.

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