Divorce Coaches: What They Do & How Much They Cost

The divorce process can leave you overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Having the support of a professional who knows the ins and outs of divorce can be invaluable.

Divorce coaches offer help outside of the legal realm. They act as a voice of reason and reassurance as you navigate your divorce. Their input can make a massive difference in how well you cope with divorce.

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What is a divorce coach?

Divorce coaches offer the support and guidance you need to end your marriage and transition to post-divorce living. They won't attend court with you but can accompany you to divorce mediation in some cases.

Hiring a divorce coach can help you save on legal fees as they handle some tasks a lawyer would typically do, like filling out divorce papers.

Divorce coaches come from various backgrounds. Some are lawyers, mental health professionals or financial planners, while others are just people who've gone through divorce themselves. Some have a divorce coach certification, but it's generally not required.

Though divorce coaches typically represent one spouse, spouses may choose to have the same coach. A judge can order you to consult with a divorce coach.

What does a divorce coach do?

There are different types of divorce coaches that you may hire.

Divorce life coach

A divorce life coach provides guidance as you contemplate divorce and throughout the divorce process if you decide to divorce. They help you:

  • Consider every avenue before filing for divorce
  • Prepare for the hardships you may face during divorce
  • Understand documents and the court process
  • Find a lawyer
  • Determine the best way to resolve your case
  • Make rational decisions
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Prioritize your child's best interests
  • Create a parenting plan

Divorce recovery coach

A divorce recovery coach provides support after a divorce. They:

  • Help you embrace post-divorce life changes
  • Offer advice on how to manage your emotions
  • Empower you to move on from the past
  • Provide guidance for co-parenting after divorce
  • Host support groups for divorced spouses
  • Make suggestions that may provide you more support (e.g., therapy)

Collaborative divorce coach

A collaborative divorce coach has undergone collaborative divorce training to aid in negotiations as part of a collaborative law team. They:

  • Speak with both spouses to figure out their needs and wants
  • Teach spouses how to communicate effectively
  • Advise the collaborative team on how to address the spouses' concerns
  • Inform the collaborative team of the relationship dynamic between spouses

How much does a divorce coach cost?

The amount you'll pay for divorce coaching depends on your provider, location and how long you use their services.

Hourly fees range from $60 to a few hundred dollars. Some coaches charge per session. These sessions generally last 90 minutes to two hours and cost around $250. You may be able to pay up front to retain the coach's services for a certain amount of time.

Divorce coaching questions

Your first meeting with the divorce coach will be a consultation. During it, both you and your divorce coach will have the chance to ask questions.

Questions to consider asking your divorce coach include:

  • Do you have a history of handling cases like mine?
  • What's your rate?
  • How many clients do you manage at a time?
  • What's your educational and professional background?
  • Can I reach out to you in between sessions?
  • Can I discontinue services whenever I feel it is appropriate?
  • Will you charge me before or after sessions?
  • Do you work with other professionals?
  • How would you describe your approach?
  • Can I see you as needed, or will we follow a regular schedule?

A divorce coach may ask you:

  • How would you describe your current relationship with your spouse?
  • Do you feel you've done all you can to save your marriage?
  • Does your spouse want to divorce?
  • Do you think your divorce can be resolved outside of court?
  • What's your biggest fear or concern?
  • What would you say are the biggest obstacles you're facing now?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?
  • Have you told your children about your intention to divorce?
  • What do you want for your children?
  • Who else have you turned to for support?

Preparing for divorce coaching as a parent

Your divorce coach can best assist you when they have a comprehensive picture of your marriage and family life, as well as what you want for the future.

The Custody X Change online app has all the tools you need to show your current parenting situation and what you believe will be best for your children.

With a parenting plan template, custody calendars, an expense tracker and more, Custody X Change makes sure you're prepared to consult with your divorce coach and divorce smoothly.

Take advantage of our technology to stay on top of all the moving parts of your case.

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