Custody Guides for Different Family Members


Paternity and custody
All about paternity and DNA testing. What happens after paternity has been established, and how fathers can protect their rights.

Fathers' custody and visitation rights — unwed, unmarried, divorced
Stand up for your rights as a father. Get your fair share of time with your child.

Getting a fair custody arrangement: Advice for dads
Despite many states having laws against gender-based rulings, fathers tend to get less custodial time than mothers. If you're a father, here's some advice on how to get your desired timeshare.

What are the chances of a father getting full custody?
The chances of a father getting full custody are higher than ever. Find out your rights as a father and what you can do to prove your case in court.

Unmarried parents:

Unmarried parents and child custody
Unmarried parents have custody and visitation rights. You need to stand up for those rights.


Stepparenting with custody issues: Plan effective visitation time
As a step parent, it's crucial to settle your custody situation to focus your efforts on effective parenting.

Legal considerations for marrying into a stepparenting role
When considering whether or not to marry into a stepparenting role, every situation is different. However, there are a few points of interest that you'll definitely want to put some thought into.


Grandparents child custody & visitation rights: See your grandkids
Your grandchildren need you. Don't lose them because of a divorce.

Aunts & uncles:

Aunts' and uncles' rights | Child custody and visitation
In some places, aunts and uncles have a right to visits with their nieces and nephews. Learn more, plus your options for legal guardianship or custody.