Pricing for Professionals

Pro Lite edition:

6 months for $97
12 months for $167
Lifetime for $497

Features include:
- Scheduling
- Printable calendars
- Time calculations

Pro Full edition:

6 months for $147
12 months for $247
Lifetime for $747

Lite features, plus:
- Parenting plan
- Journaling
- Actual time

Features Pro Lite Pro Full
Built-in and customizable schedules

The graphical calendar makes customizing a default very easy.

Separate summer vacation schedules

Setup a separate schedule for when the kid(s) aren't in school.

Use your own customizable holiday sets

Useful if you serve multiple school districts or counties.

One-click special events

Useful for the final stages of negotiating with the other side.

Let your client import the calendar

Android, iPhone, Outlook, BlackBerry, Google Calendar, etc.

Printable calendars

Email or hand your client a calendar to eliminate any confusion.

Timeshare / overnight percentages & document

Very useful in negotiation and in child support calculations. The document proves the percentages are accurate.

Professional time maximization features

Easily maximize your client's time & overnight percentages.

100+ customizable parenting provisions

With topics on legal/physical custody, expenses, school records, day care, negative remarks, passports, smoking/alcohol, etc.

Parenting plan document

Prepare your client's ideal parenting plan, then print a few options to better negotiate and to prepare for mediation / court.

Journaling & expense tracking

Establish a pattern of behavior with an organized custody journal, and show the expenses that your client has been incurring..

Actual-time calendars & calculations

Support your client's case with the parenting percentages and visual calendars that illustrate what's already taken place.


Frequently asked questions:

Is this a tax-deductible expense?
Yes. If you are working as a legal professional, the cost of this software is 100% tax deductible as a business expense (and in many cases billable to the current clients).

How much do updates cost?
Updates are free for life. We will never charge you for any update, fix, or improvement.

What if my computer crashes or I buy a new computer?
Simply sign in to download your purchase for free. You can re-install the software as many times as you want.

How can I get help if I have a question about the software?
You can find immediate answers using the software tutorials, or you can email us.

What happens to the information I put in the free edition?
It carries over automatically, so you can continue right where you left off.

If I purchase the Pro Lite edition now, what does it cost to upgrade?
It only costs the difference in prices between the editions; there are no extra fees. Purchase the upgraded edition, then email us and we'll refund the difference.

Does a short-term license automatically renew when it expires?
No. To renew your license, come back to this page and purchase it again. If you don't renew, the software will simply stop working when it expires. There's nothing to cancel.

Can the cost of a short-term license be credited to a lifetime purchase?
Yes, you may receive a credit of one-half the amount paid for your most recent expired license towards the purchase of a lifetime license. You may claim this credit up to seven days after you purchase a lifetime license. Send us an email and we'll process it for you.

Can I add additional computers / seats to my license at a later time?
Yes, and you won't have to pay the base price again. Sign in to get your pro-rated price and to make your purchase.

Can I install this on my firm's server and access it from other machines?
No, Windows has problems if Custody X Change isn't installed on each computer locally. However, you can set the defaults to save all of the work to the server (Options -> Save and open). So all of the files can still be backed up and accessible from any computer on the network, while each computer would be running a local copy of Custody X Change.

Is the professional's edition the correct edition for me?
Yes, if you are going to use the software to assist other persons. If you are going to use it for your personal custody issues, you should purchase the parent's edition instead.

What is the return policy?
Licensed legal professionals can receive a full refund, for any reason, within three months of the purchase date.

Pricing and licensing options

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Professional Lite edition
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12 Months $167 $37
Lifetime $497 $97
Professional Full edition
  Base Price Each Addl.
6 Months $147 $47
12 Months $247 $47
Lifetime $747 $147
Total number of computers:

And don't forget! As a business expense, the purchase price of this software is 100% tax deductible (and in many cases billable to the current clients).

Professional Full edition: Lifetime License, 1 Computer, for $747
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Professional Full edition: Lifetime License, 1 Computer, for $747
I recommend it to other Family Law practitioners

"I have used the Custody X Software in some complicated custody cases and have found it a very useful tool.

"Many people are very visual and the ability to lay out custody schedules years in advance has been helpful.

"I have found the software very easy to use and would highly recommend it to other family law practitioners."

Meredith W. Ditchen-Oakley, GA,
Clear and concise calendars

"Custody X Change is excellent for showing my clients various options and printing out clear and concise calendars for both parties."

Steven Cilenti, Jackson, CA,
See child support consequences of options

"I got the Custody X Change software so I could give my clients a printed Calendar.

"Also, in New Mexico, there can be a significant change in child support from 'Schedule A,' where one parent has responsibility for less than 35 percent of the time, and 'Schedule B,' where each party has responsibility for more than 35 percent of the time.

"On borderline cases, it is important to know the possible child support consequences of various options."

Don Harris, Albuquerque, NM,
Much easier

"I practice family law and have to come up with placement schedules and calculations of overnight periods.

"This program is going to make my life much easier!"

Ann Brandau, Onalaska, WI,
Greatly reduces any misunderstanding between the parties

"Great improvements to an efficient program.

"I use Custody-X-Change in domestic relations mediations.

"It saves a lot time, and allows me to model the various suggested parenting plans as the final agreement evolves.

"Both the written parenting schedule and the graphic display do not allow for any gaps in the plan and greatly reduces any misunderstanding between the parties.

"Several judges and attorneys have commented on the clarity and precision of the final plan.

"I look forward to the next enhancements."

Charles R. Meers, Louisville, KY,
Very helpful in negotiations

"I really like Custody X Change a lot!

"As I'm sure you are aware, most family law files involve some sort of shared custody these days, so whether or not the magic 40% threshold (for child support purposes) has been reached or not, is often quite important.

"I haven't had a chance to use it in Court yet, but have used it for negotiation purposes and found it to be very helpful.

"My clients also really like it."

Ruth Fast, Barrister & Solicitor, Alberta, Canada
Gave me the upper hand in a variety of situations

"I am a lifetime subscriber to Custody X Change, and have used your program for the last 2 years.

"It has been such a successful tool for me, that an associate in my firm has expressed interest in using the program in his cases.

"Your program has really given me the upper hand, in a variety of situations—I absolutely love it, and I'm impressed by your customer service.

"I really can't say enough good things about Custody X Change!"

Becky Jacobs, Lake Charles, LA,
Terrific idea

"Custody X Change is a terrific idea!

"I can't wait to show our department, colleagues, and students."

Tayva Bushey, Professor, Utah Valley University, Legal Studies Department
Can improve the administration of justice

"I had the opportunity recently to take a look at some interesting software developed for domestic relations lawyers. To see it and even try it out, go to www.custodyxchange.
com. It goes well beyond mere calendaring software. It provides courts and counsel with the tools to quickly determine which weekends, holidays, or other days the children will be with a specific parent. Several courts are already using it.

"This is the kind of electronic aid that can improve the administration of justice. There are so many such possible uses of computers today. It's a shame our profession doesn't use such tools more often. If you handle domestic relations matters, I strongly recommend that you take a look at this fine electronic tool designed by Ben Coltrin."

Richard Power, Columnist, "The Daily Recorder"