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In-depth guides

Use the following to shepherd you and your family through the custody process.

Court resources

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania offers information about representing yourself in custody proceedings, including forms you need to open a case.

For information on local procedures, filing fees and court rules, contact your county court.

Legal assistance

Low-income litigants may qualify for free legal representation. They can find a lawyer through Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network's list of legal aid providers or the Pennsylvania Bar Association's directory of pro bono lawyers.

Parents of all income levels can use the bar association's Lawyer Referral Service to find an attorney.

PALawHelp offers court forms, plus articles and videos on the court process and representing yourself.

Help for victims of domestic violence and child abuse

Several programs throughout the state offer help to abuse victims.

The Pennsylvania Office of Victim Services has information on how to file an abuse claim. It offers financial and legal support, among other services.

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence maintains a list of local programs, while Domestic Shelters has a record of programs by county.

Community Action Partnership provides a legal clinic, temporary shelter, counseling and an abuse prevention program. For immediate help, call their 24-hour hotline at 717-299-1249.

Women's Law Project offers online safety tips and guides on topics like how to obtain a protective order. It also has resources for teenagers in violent relationships.

Child abuse victims and those close to them can turn to Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania for answers to common questions and instructions for reporting abuse. The Victim Outreach Intervention Center offers children counseling, safety planning and other support.

Parenting seminars

Many counties and judges require parents in custody cases to take a parenting seminar. These teach about child-rearing and co-parenting. They often have a component for children, as well, where the kids learn how to cope with changing family dynamics.

Programs like Focus on Children and Course for Parents are available to all Pennsylvanians. However, if your county offers its own (like the counties listed below), that's the seminar you must attend.

If a parent doesn't complete a seminar as ordered, they could face case dismissal, contempt charges or loss of custodial rights.

Child support services

The Department of Human Services (DHS) handles child support cases in Pennsylvania. If you need help opening a support or paternity case, enforcing a support order or locating the other parent, contact your DHS Domestic Relations Section. Services are usually free.

Our professional sources

For more help, consider reaching out to one of our sources. The people and offices listed below have helped us with the intricacies of child custody in Pennsylvania, and we hope they can help you, too.

Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel, LLP
Julie A. Auerbach, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA

Baer, Romain & Ginty LLP
Brooke Ginty, Esq.
Valley Forge, PA

Cathy M. Cardozo, Esq.
Abington, PA

Christina DeMatteo, Esq.
Blue Bell, PA

David T. Leake, Esq.
Somerset, PA

Debra L. Henry, Esq.
Greensburg, PA

Elissa C. Goldberg, Esq.
Doylestown, PA

Jordan Reilly & Associates, LLC
Jordan Reilly, Esq.
Media, PA

Joseph Lento, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA

Lee A. Schwartz, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA

Maribeth Blessing, Esq.
Rockledge, PA

Otto Psychological Associates, LLC
Allison Otto, Ph.D
Allentown, PA

Pamela L. Purdy, Esq.
Lemoyne, PA

Randi J. Vladimer, Esq.
Radnor, PA

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