Arizona Guide to Child Custody and Parenting Time

Where to begin:

AZ custody (legal decision-making) and parenting time
What you need to know about custody and parenting time in Arizona. How are they decided? How long does the process take? Do you need a lawyer?

Arizona parenting plan & custody agreement guidelines
Follow these guidelines to make your required parenting plan. Learn about the court's requirements and provisions recommended by family law experts.

Arizona parenting time schedule guidelines (visitation)
Follow these guidelines to create your required parenting time schedule. Learn about the court's requirements, common visitation schedules and more.

Arizona child support calculator
Instantly determine your child support by entering your incomes, parenting time and number of children. See how different parenting times affect the total.

Going to court:

7 steps to custody: Arizona family court process
The custody process from start to finish: filing a case, getting temporary orders, mediation, trial and beyond.

Filing for child custody in Arizona: 4 steps to open a case
Follow these steps to start your Arizona custody and parenting time case. Learn what forms you need, how to serve papers and more.

Arizona child custody trial: How to prepare
How parents can prepare for a custody trial. Tips on preparing evidence, completing discovery, etc.

Settling out of court:

How to settle child custody in Arizona: 5 steps
Settling is the fastest, least expensive way to resolve custody and parenting time. Follow these steps to settle, either when you open a case or afterward.

Arizona custody: How to use Conciliation Court services
Is Arizona's Conciliation Court right for your case? Learn about the low-cost custody mediation and free, short-term marriage counseling it provides.

More about Arizona custody:

Special circumstances in Arizona child custody
Learn about default judgments, supervised parenting time, best interests lawyers and other things that could arise in your Arizona custody case.

Arizona custody resources: Support for parents
Where to turn for help with a custody case, whether you're representing yourself or looking for an attorney. Information on language interpretation, etc.

Explore examples of common schedules