Month-Relative Schedules (2:10)

Easily set your schedule by the month. Here's how:

1. Open the templates directory

In the "Calendar" tab, click the "Repeating Schedule" button. In the repeating schedule window, click on "Use template" to access the schedule presets.

2. Choose 'Monthly' tab

Click on the "Monthly" tab. This pulls up options for a five week schedule. The first week of the five week schedule will become the first week of each month and so on. The fifth week only applies if a month happens to have a fifth week. Select a schedule similar to your own. Once you click "Edit" you can make tweaks as needed.

3. Adjust weekend settings

Weeks are defined by weekends. The first week with a legitimate weekend is the first week in the month. You can designate which day determines the beginning of a weekend by clicking on the "Set weekend-day" button.

There is also an option for defining what happens with the 5th weekend. If it applies to your situation you can use this option to specify if the 5th weekend goes to Mom or Dad and you can have it alternate if you wish.