Why Custody Calendars are Unique

How they differ from regular calendars

1. Inclusive

A custody calendar will eventually become part of a legal document. Because of this, it can't simply be a collection of appointments here and there. It must adhere to a stricter format so that every hour of every day for the entire year is accounted for.

2. Layered

Further, if exceptions to the schedule need to be made, it must be clearly established which exceptions take priority over each other in the event of a conflict.

Custody X Change is designed so that your custody calendar is created in "layers" with each layer taking priority over the ones below it as seen in this diagram.

3. Planned out

Finally, you can't make a custody schedule up as you go. It must be proposed and agreed upon by both parties in advance. Once it is in effect, it is too late to make changes to the schedule without entering into some kind of renegotiation. For this reason, you will want to make sure to be very thorough as you choose a visitation schedule.