Parenting Plan Overview (4:17)

This feature is available in the Personal edition of the software.

You can create a professional-quality parenting agreement

1. Add your information

Select the "Parenting Plan" tab in the software. You can then add information about your case, your children, as well as document settings - the date the plan goes into effect, calculation settings, etc.

For an explanation on what each item means, check out Editing Case Information.

2. Choose provisions

On the lower part of the screen, you'll see a list of categories. By clicking the plus (+) button, you can read the various provisions that are included with the software. Select any that fit your situation by using the check box. Some provisions require that you fill in text boxes with specific information. You can also add custom provisions.

3. Export your plan

Now that you've specified all the details, it is time to generate an agreement document. Keep in mind that the document will include all the provisions you selected, as well as any schedule information you entered in the "Calendar" tab. You can preview the document by clicking "View", or you can export to PDF or Microsoft Word using their respective buttons. Printing a hard copy is another option.