Printing or Exporting your Plan

We began selling a new product in 2017, an online custody solution that can be used from any device.

It's new features include: link accounts with the other parent, your attorney, and your kids; track and journal on the go; upload attachments; push notifications; activity reminders; calendar and parenting plan drafts; and more.

This new product is completely separate from the legacy PC-based product. And unfortunately, there's no way to import old PC-based data and no discount for previous PC-based customers.

Options for communicating your parenting agreement

1. Print

A printed version of your plan is excellent to take to mediation or to mail to the other parent or an attorney. Some people prefer to edit the paper version using a pen or pencil, and then returning to the software and entering the changes.

2. Export as PDF

A PDF is a non-editable copy of the document. It is a good format for e-mailing your plan to the other parent or a legal professional.

See an example PDF

3. Export to Word

Exporting your plan as a Word document gives you the power to change every last detail of your plan. This is helpful for slight wording changes, or additions that your jurisdiction requires.


Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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