Editing Case Information

A short explanation of each item

1. Case Information

For the "Petitioner", type in your name or the name of the parent who will be submitting the agreement to the court or mediator.

For "Respondent", enter the name of the other parent involved in the custody agreement.

Putting in the "Case #" is optional, but helpful.

Whatever you type into these fields will appear at the top of each page of the printed Parenting Plan.

2. Effective Date & Calculations

The button that reads "Effective" and has a date below, is simply the date the plan will go into effect. Clicking the button brings up a calendar box to change the date.

The Calculations button allows you to choose the effective date range of the plan, and whether time will be counted hourly or by overnights.

3. Document Settings

"Title" allows you to modify the document name. The default is: "PARENTING PLAN DOCUMENT, Child Custody and Visitation Order Attachment"

"Phrasing" allows you to change the wording regarding custody in the document. (i.e. "Visitation" vs. "Spends time with")

"Signature" is a check box. When checked, it will include a section for the parents to sign at the end of the document.

Other changes can be made by exporting the document to Word, and making edits there.