60/40 Visitation & Custody Schedule

What is a 60/40 schedule?

The 60/40 physical custody schedule means the child's time is divided so one parent has the child for 60% of the child's time and the other parent has 40%. Sharing close to equal custody has become a more popular choice than the traditional alternative of  having a child live primarily with one parent and have a few "visitations" with the other.

Many parents, psychologists, and judges feel it is very important for the child to be a part of both parents lives. This does not mean that it is the best choice for your child or the judge will award it. Many issues are taken into consideration before deciding what is the best physical custody schedule.

Below is a visual calendar showing the 60/40 custody schedule. There are many different types of schedules for you to choose from. This is a 4-3 schedule made on the Custody X Change software. Time with the mother is represented in pink and the father blue.

Will a 60/40 schedule work for me?

The 60/40 time schedule can work in many different ways. You can have frequent exchanges where the child goes back and forth multiple times a week or have your child stay for longer periods at each residence.

60/40 physical custody requires a great deal of communication with the other parent. You will have to frequently discuss the life of your child, school, health, and social situations. Additionally, you will need to work with the other parent's family and significant other.

60/40 also works best if both parents live in close proximity to each other. School, activities, and exchange times are easier. There are a few schedules where both parents can live further apart but still need to be relatively close.


  • Child builds a close relationship with both parents.
  • Both parents are able to be consistently involved in their child's life.
  • Child knows they are loved and cared for by both parents.


  • Child has two homes instead of one "primary" residence.
  • Both parents must be able to get along and discuss the child without fighting.
  • Parents need to live close to each other especially with school age children.
What are some variations with a 60/40 schedule?

There are many different types of the 60/40 schedule. Each schedule can work very well depending on the lifestyle and attitude of you, the other parent, and the child. Below we have some of the different types of 60/40 schedules. These have each been created in the Custody X Change software and can be adjusted to your situation.

This is the Every weekend schedule. It has minimal exchanges and your child can spend time with both parents each week.

The second schedule is a custom 60/40 school time removed schedule. Time at school is taken out of the percentage equation and we adjusted it so the mother has 60%.

This schedule is also a custom 60/40 month split. The father has the child in this example on the 1st-18th of every month and the mother has the child on the 19th through the end of the month.

Most of the 60/40 schedules listed above have been created as a custom schedule to fit different needs. It is very easy to create your own schedule in the Custody X Change software.

How do I create a 60/40 schedule using Custody X Change?

Creating your own 60/40 schedule using Custody X Change is very simple.

First, download and install the free edition.

Next, click on the first tab, "Regular Schedule" and you will see a calendar. To the right of the calendar is a menu of all the different custody schedules or the ability to create your own. Under the 60/40 title there is an Every weekend schedule. The calendar will automatically fill out for you. You can now make any needed changes.

Also under the different custody schedules there is a Custom title and under it select Create your own. It is very easy to do this and the software lets you know what the time percentage is with each change. Watch the video tutorial for additional information on creating a custody schedule.

Custody X Change is software that makes it easy to document your situation and stay organized.

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Passed with flying colors

I can't thank you enough for the software. The Parenting Plan passed with flying colors in the courts and with my ex. Now the best part is that I am using the deluxe edition to adjust and record my times. Thanks again.

Gabriella Selmi
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Without this software, I would have signed the proposed agreement and found out about the problems and conflicts only after it was too late. Custody X Change took the raw data I had stared at for days, and in a few minutes, gave me a crystal clear picture of the resulting schedule. Custody X Change is a must-have resource for parents and attorneys working with visitation issues.

Doug Conway
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