Alternating Weeks Custody & Visitation - 50/50 Schedule

What is an alternating weeks schedule?

The alternating weeks schedule is an option for a 50/50 physical custody schedule. Your child will spend one week with you and the next week with the other parent. The exchange can happen any day you choose but most people choose Friday.

Below is a visual calendar of the alternating weeks schedule made on the Custody X Change software. Time with the mother is represented in pink and the father blue.

Will an alternating weeks schedule work for me?

This schedule can work very well if you have conflict with the other parent because of limited exchanges. However, you will have to communicate about what happens with the child during the week and any concerns which arise.

The main issue with this type of schedule is to make sure your child is old enough to spend an entire week away from each parent. You may find that you struggle with this type of arrangement more than your child.

A great alternative many parents have found is to also include a weekly dinner with the non-custodial parent for the week. This allows you to spend time and catch up with your child during the week they are absent from your home.


  • Parents are able to have a longer time schedule with their child.
  • Children who struggle with change and require consistency do well on this schedule.
  • Usually easier for the child to stay current on school assignments and homework.


  • Parents of school aged children must live within a reasonable distance to the school.
  • Parents must communicate frequently and keep each other updated on school, activities, and the child's well being.
  • Many parents and/or their child struggle being apart for an entire week.
What are some variations on the alternating weeks schedule?

There are many ways you can make the alternating weeks schedule work for you. Below are some different examples of how we have changed the schedule to meet different needs.

This first schedule is the same as the basic schedule above but we have included time for a dinner every Tuesday night with the non-custodial parent of the week.

This second example is a basic alternating weeks schedule but the exchange time has been moved from Friday at noon to Sunday at 7:00 pm.

The final example is a basic alternating weeks schedule but with the exchange on a Wednesday and a Sunday evening with the non-custodial parent.

How do I create an alternating weeks schedule using Custody X Change?

Creating an alternating week schedule using Custody X Change is very simple.

First, download and install the free edition.

Next, click on the first tab, "Regular Schedule" and you will see a calendar. To the right of the calendar is a menu of all the different custody schedules or the ability to create your own. Under the 50/50 title, select Alternating weeks.

The calendar will automatically fill out for you. You can now make any needed changes. Watch the video tutorial for additional information on creating a custody schedule.

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I can't thank you enough for the software. The Parenting Plan passed with flying colors in the courts and with my ex. Now the best part is that I am using the deluxe edition to adjust and record my times. Thanks again.

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Without this software, I would have signed the proposed agreement and found out about the problems and conflicts only after it was too late. Custody X Change took the raw data I had stared at for days, and in a few minutes, gave me a crystal clear picture of the resulting schedule. Custody X Change is a must-have resource for parents and attorneys working with visitation issues.

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