Custody X Change and Family Mediators

Family mediators benefit from Custody X Change

The goal of family mediators is to help divorcing or separating parents create a parenting plan that everyone supports. Custody X Change is a valuable professional tool for family mediators to have.

With Custody X Change, mediators can do the following:

  • Show visual calendars and other documents to the parents as you discuss various options for the plan
  • Find out the timeshare percentages for various parenting time schedules
  • Draft parenting plans reflecting each parent's terms and conditions
  • Print out the complete parenting plan documents for clients
Show sample parenting schedules and plans to clients

As you sit down with parents to discuss options for the parenting time schedule and parenting plan, use Custody X Change to model different calendars and schedules.

The visual display helps parents see how a schedule will work in real life. The software features assist you in helping them figure out what works best for the children.

With Custody X Change, you can quickly look at several factors in the schedule, such as:

  • Residential and everyday schedule
  • School break and other vacation schedules
  • Holiday schedule
  • Special events where the schedule might change

Once you've looked at each part of the schedule, you can look at the actual calendar to see how the schedule is applied. You can even display a calendar several years ahead.

A complete and detailed calendar can help parents feel better about facing the adjustment to the family and showing them all the time they have with their child.

Along with the visuals of the schedule, you can show the parents some parenting provisions that they may want to include in their plan. This is a good way to encourage parents discuss some terms and conditions for raising the child.

Calculate the timeshare percentage easily

When you show the parents various parenting time schedules in Custody X Change, you can also show them the timeshare percentage calculation for each parent. This is useful as you create a schedule because it allows both the mother and father to know exactly how much time they have with the children.

You can make changes to the schedule based on the timeshare percentage, and you can also print a report that shows the exact breakdown of the timeshare percentage between the parents. This helps the parents feel secure in the schedule and it can make it easier for them to come to agreement.

Draft the parenting plan

Once the parents have made some decisions about their parenting plan, you can use Custody X Change to draft the plan for them to review. This can help the parents see everything that is in the plan and allows them to make any changes before making it official.

You can export the agreement to Excel, Word or PDF so you can email it to the parents. They can review the documents on their own time and make a list of any changes or additions they want.

Once the draft has been approved by both parents, you can input any additional information to create the final agreement.

Print documents for clients

With Custody X Change, you can print all of the documents for the plan for the parents. They can sign the plan and submit it to court and also keep copies on file.

Using Custody X Change, you can print the following documents:

  • Parenting time calendar that shows the parenting time
  • Written description of the schedule
  • Timeshare percentage report showing the breakdown of how much time each parent has with the children
  • Parenting provisions included in the plan
  • Entire parenting plan with all of the components.

At any time during mediation, you can give parents copies of these documents. This can help reduce misunderstanding and keeps the parents informed.

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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