Family Law Attorneys and Custody X Change

Custody X Change advantages for attorneys

Attorneys can benefit from using Custody X Change as part of their family law practice. The software is a valuable professional tool in child custody cases.

Custody X Change can help attorneys in these ways:

  • Save time making parenting plans for clients using software rather than by hand
  • Calculate timeshare percentages for various parenting time schedules automatically
  • Provide visual documents to clients, other attorneys, and the court
Prepare parenting plans using Custody X Change

Custody X Change allows you to quickly create parenting plans for your clients. With the software, you can easily make a parenting time schedule and add provisions to the plan.

You can save various templates for schedules and plans and then when you make a new plan you can simply make the adjustments needed, without having to start from the beginning.

The software allows you to easily add key elements into your schedules:

  • Repeating cycles of parenting time
  • School breaks and other vacation schedules
  • Holiday time
  • Special events

Along with the schedule, you can include parenting provisions in your agreements and plans. The software has a list of provisions you can include, and you can also add customized provisions.

The parenting plans you create can be exported to Word, Excel, and PDF and add or change anything in the wording of the documents to suit your client's individual needs.

Calculate timeshare percentages quickly and easily

Custody X Change has a timeshare percentage calculator that shows how much time each parent has with the children.

As you create a parenting time schedule, the software shows you the percentage of time, the percentage of overnights, and the number of hours the mother and father each have with the children.

Attorneys use the timeshare percentage calculations to:

  • Ensure that clients pay or receive the correct amount of child support
  • Look at different options for the parenting time schedule
  • Make adjustments to a schedule to change the child support payments
  • Print a report that shows the detailed breakdown of parenting time
  • Show a client, another attorney, or the court the timeshare percentage report

Many states require attorneys to provide an accurate timeshare percentage calculation for child support. Custody X Change allows you to quickly figure out the exact timeshare percentage for any schedule. You can then use this calculation in your state's child support formula.

Create professional documents for clients and the court

Attorneys must show documents to clients, the court and other attorneys. You want to present reports and parenting plans that reflect your professionalism.

When you create a parenting plan using Custody X Change, you can print the following visual documents:

  • Parenting time schedule, including a multi-year calendar
  • Reports that show parenting time and a description of the schedule
  • Timeshare percentage report that shows the breakdown of how much time each parent has with the children
  • Parenting provisions report
  • Complete parenting plan with all of the components included in one report

The documents from Custody X Change help you as an attorney to achieve several things:

  • Model suggested plans to your client
  • Give a visual calendar to your client so they can see the parenting time schedule
  • Provide your client, another attorney, or a judge with a copy of the parenting plan
  • Reduce misunderstandings as you use the documents to explain a parenting plan
  • Explain a plan to another attorney in negotiation
  • Present a parenting plan to a judge in the courtroom

All of the documents can be printed directly from the software, or you can export them to Word, Excel, and PDF. This allows you to easily make any changes and email them for easy communication.

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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