6 Ways to Use the Custody X Change App in Texas

The Custody X Change app allows Texans to create their own parenting plans and possession schedules with flexibility and guidance.

It can help parents representing themselves, parents working with lawyers, and parents settling through alternative resolution methods like mediation or informal negotiation. The professional version is commonly used by attorneys and others working in family law.

Below, find six ways to use the Custody X Change app in the Lone Star State.

Custody X Change is software that creates parenting plans and possession schedules for parents and family law professionals.

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1. Evaluating schedules

It can be difficult to imagine how the standard possession order and other popular possession schedules would work for your family when they're just words on paper. To view schedules as color-coded calendars, plug them into the Custody X Change app. Then you can easily see which are contenders and which have to go.

2. Presenting options to the other parent

It's easier to express what you want for your children when you put it on paper. Printing your preferred parenting plan and possession schedule for the other parent can help them understand your concerns, plus identify points where they agree with you.

You should bring your Custody X Change documents whenever you discuss custody with the other parent, whether it's in mediation, collaborative law or informal negotiations.

3. Presenting a request to the court

When parents can’t agree, some courts require each one to present a proposed parenting plan. Even if it's not required, you may want to submit a proposed plan as evidence, so the judge understands what you believe to be best for your children. Your attorney can help you draft a plan, or you can use Custody X Change to make a plan on your own.

By walking you through each step of the process, Custody X Change takes the guesswork out of doing it alone. The app helps you create a professional document that demonstrates your competence as a parent and meets court requirements.

4. Tracking parenting time

Prior to receiving court orders, track your parenting time with Custody X Change to show the court who has been caring for your child hour by hour. Judges and juries take a child’s caretaking history into account when making decisions about conservatorship, possession and access.

After the court gives orders, use Custody X Change to compare the time you were awarded with the time you really receive. Mark your calendar when a parent is late for an exchange or cancels a visit, then instantly print a report calculating the effect on possession time. You can also note additional details in your Custody X Change journal.

This data is crucial when you file for a modification of your orders, or when a judge considers how well a temporary order has worked before issuing a final order. You may also need documentation if you have to ask police or the court for help enforcing an order the other parent isn’t complying with.

5. Filing for settlement

If you and the other parent reach an agreement, you can ask the judge to sign a final order making it legally enforceable. To do this, you can either fill out a series of court forms by hand or replace many of the forms with one Custody X Change parenting plan.

In most counties, your personalized Custody X Change plan can take place of these forms or similar ones:

Ask if your court has any specific requirements regarding forms or formatting. If so, you can edit your Custody X Change plan in the app or with Microsoft Word as necessary.

6. Implementing court orders

Once the court issues final orders, it’s essential you follow them to the letter. If you don’t, you can be brought back to court and even charged with a crime. But possession orders can be particularly difficult to decipher. When exactly is the Monday immediately following the fifth weekend? What is the day before school resumes after the weekend?

Use Custody X Change to transform your possession order into a shareable calendar with optional push notifications, so you’ll never have to wonder whether you’re staying in compliance.

Custody X Change is software that creates parenting plans and possession schedules for parents and family law professionals.

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Custody X Change is software that creates parenting plans and possession schedules for parents and family law professionals.

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