FinPlan & Custody X Change: More Accurate Calculations

Use FinPlan and Custody X Change together

Get the most accurate child support amounts when you combine Custody X Change with FinPlan.

When FinPlan asks you for total parenting time, don't rely on guesswork or estimates. Instead, use Custody X Change to calculate total parenting time numbers from any custody schedule.

Enter those numbers into the appropriate field in the FinPlan program for an accurate and fair child support amount based on your state's guidelines.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with FinPlan to have more accurate child support calculations.

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FinPlan software helps family law professionals

FinPlan helps family law professionals prepare divorce documents for clients, including calculating accurate child support amounts. FinPlan CD-ROMs are available for 41 states.

The software is a valuable tool for you and streamlines the process of helping divorcing parents. With FinPlan, you have the tool you need to address key child support and custody issues.

FinPlan family law software suite consists of four parts:

  • FinPlan Divorce Software: Performs complex calculations and prepares legal forms
  • FinPlan Assets Plus: Prepares financial affidavits on divorce assets
  • FinPlan Divorce Math: Calculates pension value, alimony, present value and more
  • FinPlan Equal Shares Planner: Helps organize marital balance sheets

FinPlan also has excellent product support, with a user guide and several online tutorials that teach you how to navigate through the software and maximize the Divorce Math feature. FinPlan stays current with periodic software updates as well.

The company also provides free telephone training so you can quickly get up to speed at your own computer in your own office.  

FinPlan Divorce Planner performs complex legal calculations

One part of the FinPlan software suite that helps you with divorce-related calculations is the FinPlan Divorce Planner program.

It takes the data and provides instant reports on the financial impact of the divorce, including child support amounts, what happens when each parent claims the children for taxes, and how alimony affects the case.

FinPlan Divorce Planner produces easy-to-read after-tax cash reports to let you know which scenarios make financial sense for their clients.

Using accurate numbers, from income to child support formulas, make a big difference in each case. The software even alerts users to potential mistakes and offer state-specific suggestions for financial planning.

FinPlan interprets the raw numbers and provides you with methods to maximize the financial situation of your clients.

Some of the notable features of FinPlan Divorce Planner include:

  • State-mandated child support worksheets for 16 states
  • Sophisticated calculation capabilities
  • Detailed tax scenarios for both parties
  • Printed family law forms that export to MS Word and Excel
  • Presents 6 support scenarios side by side for comparison

Using FinPlan can save you time and effort at every step of the legal process by letting you accurately analyze divorce settlements. This tool helps you to negotiate better divorce settlements, especially concerning child support and custody issues.

FinPlan requires parenting time totals for many states

FinPlan software includes features that calculate child support using unique state-specific formulas, many of which include parenting time totals. Whether its daily parenting time or overnight totals, this number is critical in figuring child support amounts.

In some states, parenting time credit is only applied to sole custody cases, while in others it applies to joint or shared custody cases. The higher the parenting time total, the lower the child support amount.

When using the FinPlan software for certain states, you must enter a parenting time total along with other information about each parent's income. A parenting time total is necessary in order for FinPlan to calculate child support in many states.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time totals

Custody X Change software includes a parenting time calculator that shows exactly how much time each parent has with the children. It can provide this data as total number of hours, days or as a percentage of time annually.

When users set up a parenting time schedule, the software automatically counts up all the parenting time for the non-residential parent. This accurate parenting time total really helps anyone who use FinPlan software for their state.

Use Custody X Change to get accurate parenting time totals, because:

  • Parenting time totals are difficult to figure out by hand, because attorneys must add all the quarter, half and full days within a year for the non-residential parent.
  • Figuring parenting time totals adjust every time an attorney changes the schedule.
  • Calculating and re-calculating any change to the schedule is so complex, some attorneys are forced to estimate or guess.
  • Entering parenting time totals calculated from a guess or estimate into the state child support formula means that child support amounts will likely be wrong.

Figuring out child support amounts requires exact numbers, from each parent's income to the amount of credits allowed. Another important number is the parenting time total, or how long each parent is scheduled to be with the children. Correct numbers mean the child support amount is fair and accurate, and Custody X Change delivers accurate totals every time.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with FinPlan to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with FinPlan to have more accurate child support calculations.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now