EZSupport-PA & Custody X Change: More Accurate Calculations

Use EZSupport-PA and Custody X Change together

Get the most accurate child support amounts when you combine Custody X Change with EZSupport-PA.

When EZSupport-PA asks you for timeshare percentages, don't rely on guesswork or estimates. Instead, use Custody X Change to calculate total parenting time numbers from any custody schedule.

Enter those numbers into the appropriate field in the EZSupport-PA program for an accurate and fair child support amount based on Pennsylvania's guidelines.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with EZSupport-PA to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Features and benefits of EZSupport-PA

The features included within the EZSupport-PA software helps Pennsylvania family law professionals perform several time-consuming and complicated calculations as part of handling cases.

EZSupport-PA provides several benefits, including:  

  • Current guidelines: The software includes the latest child support calculation formulas so your child support amounts will always be correct.
  • Simple interface: There's nothing confusing or complex about entering data into the software, because it was designed for easy use and a minimal learning curve.
  • Side-by-side comparisons: You can populate multiple worksheets with the same raw data to see the impact of different decisions, such as fewer overnights or a higher income.
  • Customizable reports: Create documents like income statements, health insurance certification and more that can be used for yourself, your clients or in court.

The software is available for a free trial. Once purchased, you are eligible for a year of free technical support. You're also eligible for live phone support, webinars and training videos. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

EZSupport-AZ can help you streamline your basic calculation tasks and aims to reduce much of the repetition that family law attorneys face when working on a case.

Easy Soft, the creator of products like EZSupport-PA software, provides its customers with a full year of technical support. Interested family law professionals can get a free trial to actually use the software before deciding whether to purchase a license.

EZSupport-PA helps family law professionals

EZSupport-PA can help family law professionals, such as mediators, attorneys and judges, to enhance their productivity and provide the most accurate child support calculations.

EZSupport-PA can help you with the time-consuming tasks of each case, including generating forms, reports and worksheets. The child support worksheets within EZSupport-PA are up-to-date and compliant with current Pennsylvania guidelines.

EZSupport-PA can create the following forms based on raw data from your cases:

  • Child support worksheet
  • Official orders for child support
  • Financial affidavits
  • Forms for sensitive or confidential details
  • Order of assignment
  • Request to modify child support
  • Request for hearing

Because of the complexities in the Pennsylvania child support guideline, you could spend valuable work time laboring over formulas by hand or relying on other calculators.  With EZSupport-PA, you'll get those calculations done quickly.

Because the software always reflects the most current guidelines, you can be sure the child support amounts it generates from your case data are accurate.

EZSupport-PA requires parenting time totals

EZSupport-PA requires a parenting time total for the non-custodial parent in order to figure out child support amounts, based on the guidelines set by the state of Pennsylvania.

Parenting time totals are derived from the amount of time each parent spends with their children. To figure out a correct parenting time total, you must calculate the amount of time the non-residential parent spends with the children. Once a client sets up a visitation schedule, it can become tedious and sometimes very difficult to calculate a precise parenting time total.

This information is combined with data concerning each parent's income and the parenting time credit applies to only joint physical custody cases. Sole custody cases do not qualify for any kind of child credit based on overnights.

EZSupport-PA asks you to enter parenting time totals or a percentage in order to calculate child support.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time totals

Custody X Change software includes a parenting time calculator that shows exactly how much time each parent has with the children. It can provide this data as total number of hours, days or as a percentage of time annually.

When users set up a parenting time schedule, the software automatically counts up all the full, half and quarter days for the non-residential parent. This accurate parenting time total really helps attorneys who use EZSupport-PA.

Use Custody X Change to get accurate parenting time totals, because:

  • Parenting time totals are difficult to figure out by hand, because attorneys must add all the quarter, half and full days within a year for the non-residential parent.
  • Figuring parenting time totals adjust every time an attorney changes the schedule.
  • Calculating and re-calculating any change to the schedule is so complex, some attorneys are forced to estimate or guess.
  • Entering parenting time totals calculated from a guess or estimate into the Pennsylvania child support formula means that child support amounts will likely be wrong.

Figuring out child support amounts requires exact numbers, from each parent's income to the amount of credits allowed. Another important number is the parenting time total, or how long each parent is scheduled to be with the children. Correct numbers mean the child support amount is fair and accurate, and Custody X Change delivers accurate totals every time.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with EZSupport-PA to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with EZSupport-PA to have more accurate child support calculations.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now