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Example Shared Parenting Custody Schedules — 2/2/3 and Variations Alternating Weeks

Parents who want equal time with their children should try a shared parenting arrangement. Shared parenting is another word for joint custody or co-parenting. Some of the previous posts cover examples and samples of different custody schedules. We’ll look at … Continue reading

Joint Child Custody: Pros and Cons

Joint child custody occurs when parents share legal custody or physical custody of their child.  Parents can share joint physical custody (where the child lives with each parent for a specific time period), or joint legal custody (where the child … Continue reading

Examples of Common Custody Schedules — Part Three

We’re continuing to show examples and samples of common custody and visitation schedules that people set up in their custody agreements and parenting plans. Hopefully you can look through these schedules and find one–or a combination of some–that can fit … Continue reading

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