Should You Ever Revisit Your Parenting Plan?

Anyone that is currently in a co-parenting situation knows how important his or her parenting plan is. It takes a lot of consideration when originally drafting it, and it can take a good amount of effort to make sure you … Continue reading

How to Deescalate Tension Between You and Your Ex

Your divorce is not the end of your relationship when you have kids in the mix. When you co-parent, you must still keep in contact in one way or another with your children’s other parent. Your divorce is proof that … Continue reading

Spouse Skeptical of Divorce Mediation? Here’s How to Get Them to the Table

There’s a very good chance that when you and your spouse decide it’s time to call your marriage quits, it’s because you don’t see eye to eye on a few things. That means you might not both agree on the … Continue reading

Telling Your Children About Divorce? Get Tips from 4 Parents Who Have Been in Your Shoes

Ask any parent about what the hardest part of their divorce was and almost every single one will say the same thing – telling their children. It’s an understandably difficult situation, and it’s not something we are really ever prepared … Continue reading

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Fight for Sole Custody

You and your spouse are splitting up. Maybe they cheated on you. Maybe they spent more time with their friends than at home. Or, maybe you just drifted apart. Either way, you’re not going to be married anymore. But, you … Continue reading

Legal Considerations for Marrying into a Step-parenting Role

One aspect of divorce that many people often overlook is that it potentially puts people back into the dating scene, if they so choose. If you’re single and dating, you may end up meeting a divorcee. If they never had … Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Child Support Hearing in California

One of the most stressful parts of any disagreement between parents, whether they are divorcing or were never married in the first place, is sorting out a parenting plan and custody schedule. When you add child support to that, it … Continue reading

How to Handle a Co-Parent Who is Sabotaging Your Parenting Plan

Your parenting plan is not negotiable after your family court has approved it. However, it’s fairly common for one parent to feel like they got a raw deal. Maybe they got less visitation time than they think they deserve. Or, … Continue reading

7 Often Overlooked Provisions to Include in Your Parenting Plan

When divorcing with children, the importance of having a well thought out parenting plan cannot be overlooked. While any decent attorney will make sure you cover all of the basic foundations, there are some additional provisions you might want to … Continue reading

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Family Law Attorney About Custody & Divorce

The idea of ending your marriage can be overwhelming. But, when you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have children together, it makes the whole procedure that much more daunting and important. While much of what the future will hold for your … Continue reading

5 Tips for Parents for When Divorce is Inevitable

The thought of throwing in the towel and ending a troubled marriage can deliver mixed feelings. On one hand it can be relieving to know that you can stop the debate of whether or not your marriage is salvageable. On … Continue reading

Infographic: Making a Parenting and Visitation Schedule

When you’re fighting your ex for child custody, developing a schedule that benefits all involved parties isn’t easy. If you can’t find common ground, you must try to remain legally and ethically moral, even if it means pushing your feelings … Continue reading

Creating the Perfect Temporary Visitation Schedule

In a perfect world, there would be no divorce. People would get married, have children, stay together forever, and sit out on a front porch swing watching their grandchildren playing in the yard. In a perfect world, even if there … Continue reading

Sole Custody Agreements —Proving Your Case

So many people go into family court trying to get sole custody of their children that it has made it very hard for people with legitimate reasons for doing so to get sole custody. People file for sole custody for … Continue reading

Shared Custody Agreements-Advice for Dads

Most courts have laws that prohibit discriminating against a parent based on gender. Their laws basically state that a father is to be considered equal to a mother in child custody cases and gender should not be a factor in … Continue reading

A Father’s Word About Out of State Custody

This post is from an interview I did with a father whose children live out of state. He shares his feelings about out of state custody along with what he wishes he did when creating a custody schedule with his … Continue reading

Long Distance Custody Agreements & Schedules: What to Consider?

In custody situations, if one parent moves away from the other you will need to create a long distance custody agreement. If this situation applies to you and you are in the initial stages of your custody proceedings, you will … Continue reading

Long Distance Custody Agreements and Visitation Schedules – International Agreements

Alexis was eight years old when her parents got divorced.  At first, Lexi lived with her mother and spent a good amount of time with her father.  Her mother remarried when Lexi was ten. Lexi’s new step-dad plays a professional sport. … Continue reading

Creating Long Distance Visitation Schedules for Toddlers and Young Children

Children benefit tremendously from having both parents involved in their lives. Children that have both parents actively participating in their lives are generally happier and better behaved than children with an absent parent are. Most courts concede that it is … Continue reading

The New Mother’s Guide to Newborn and Infant Visitation Schedules

If you are a first time mother and separated from your baby’s father, you may not even know where to begin dealing with custody issues. The good news is that in most states an unwed mother is considered to be … Continue reading

Preparing a Sample Parenting Plan for Mediation

Mediation services can be a valuable tool to bring you and the other parent together in a low-conflict environment to create a parenting plan. Custody mediation is a series of meetings where a trained mediator works with both parties to reach … Continue reading

Preparing a Parenting Plan for Court: What To Expect

Attending your first child custody hearing can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Beyond preparing a parenting plan for court, many parents wonder what else they can do. Besides working closely with your attorney, there are … Continue reading

50/50 Child Custody Part 3: Two Weeks Each & 3-4-4-3

This post is the third and final part of a series where we will be learning about all the different types of 50/50 physical custody schedules.  This post will be talking about two very different types of schedule options if … Continue reading

50/50 Child Custody Part 2: Alternating Weeks & 2-2-5-5

This post is the second part of a series where we will be learning about all the different types of 50/50 physical custody schedules.  This post will be talking about two very different types of schedule options if you share … Continue reading

50/50 Child Custody Part I: Every Weekend & 2-2-3 Visitation

This post is part of a series where we will be learning about all the different types of 50/50 physical custody.  This post will first talk about what 50/50 custody is and some things required to make it successful.  We … Continue reading

60/40 Custody Schedule Samples: Every Weekend & 4-3, How it Works

What is 60/40 Child Custody? A 60/40 child custody schedule is one option for you or the court to choose when determining child custody.  This custody schedule defines your child will spend 60% of their time with one parent and … Continue reading

70/30 Custody: Every 3 Weeks & Every Weekend Schedule Examples

What is 70/30 Custody? A 70/30 child custody schedule has one parent as the custodian of your child 70% of the time and the other parent has the child 30% of the time. This is a great custody schedule for … Continue reading

50/50 Custody Schedule Examples: 2-2-3 | 2-2-5-5 | 3-4-4-3

50/50 custody schedules are becoming a more and more popular option when determining child custody.  Parents and the courts love this schedule because the child is frequently a part of both parents lives. Once you decide to have 50/50 child … Continue reading

60/40 Child Custody: 4-3 Custody Schedule Example

What is 60/40 Child Custody? 60/40 child custody is one of the many different custody options available for you.  This schedule works with your child spending 60% of their time with one parent and 40% with the other. It is … Continue reading

Comparing 50/50 Custody and 70/30 Custody: Which is Better?

Learning about all the different types of child custody can be very overwhelming and confusing.  We are going to teach you about two different types of physical custody and how to know if either of them will work for you. … Continue reading

Weekly Custody Schedules and Their Differences

There are many different schedules for parents to choose from.  This article will be discussing the different schedules where you exchange once a week or less.  Finally we will be sharing some examples of why parents choose these schedules and … Continue reading

Promote the Positive With A Standard Custody Schedule

It can be challenging to follow the standard custody schedule that now regulates when you get to spend time your children. Even though you are separated from the other parent, you’ve both outlined in your standard parenting plan how you will raise … Continue reading

Parenting Plan Template for Babies: Things to Consider

Children of different age groups have different needs. As parents make a parenting plan after they divorce or separate, one of the first things to consider is the child’s age. For parents with babies (ages 0-18 months) here is a … Continue reading

A Parenting Plan Template for Parents in High Conflict

Philip M. Stahl has an excellent book called Parenting After Divorce: A Guide to Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children’s  Needs. In this book, he has a section about parenting plans for parents with high conflict situations. As he talks … Continue reading

Right of First Refusal in Your Parenting Plan or Custody Agreement

A common custody provision that parents include in their parenting plan and custody agreement is the right of first refusal. By including the right of first refusal in your parenting plan, you guarantee that anytime the other parent needs someone … Continue reading

Child Visitation Schedule Template: 4 Important Categories

Are you looking for a child visitation schedule template? Here is a basic one to get you started. The Repeating Cycle of Custody and Visitation Get a blank calendar that has 2-4 weeks. Fill out the basic cycle of custody … Continue reading

Examples of 50/50 Child Custody Schedules: 5 Common Examples

Do you want a custody schedule that gives each parent equal time with the children? Here are some 50/50 child custody schedule examples to consider. Alternating Weeks In this schedule, the parents simply alternate weeks of custody with the child. … Continue reading

A Holiday Custody and Visitation Schedule & Why You Need One

Why do you need a holiday custody schedule? Setting up the holiday custody and visitation schedule is a very important part of your parenting time schedule. Children have a lot of memories and expectations that go along with holidays, and … Continue reading

Out of State Custody & Visitation: What to Consider? 6 Schedule Ideas

Things to Consider When Making Your Out of State Schedule If you and your child’s other parent live in different states, you need a long distance visitation schedule.  When making a long distance schedule, you have to think about how to … Continue reading

Parenting Plan Template Examples: 6 Common Provisions

To begin making your parenting plan, you can look at some parenting plan template examples to help you get started. Here are some basic issues that you should cover when making your plan. The Child’s Residence Choosing where the child … Continue reading

Figuring Out Vacations in the Parenting Plan and Custody Agreement

It’s that time of year–summer is just around the corner, and people are making plans for vacations. This can be a difficult subject for divorced and separated parents, unless they have figured out vacation time in their parenting plan and … Continue reading

5 Examples of Shared Parenting Time Schedules

In continuing to look at examples of parenting time schedules for your parenting agreement, we’re going to look at some common schedules where the parents have more equal time with the children. Alternating Weeks In this schedule, the parents simply … Continue reading

Sample Parenting Time Schedules: 7 Examples (With Pictures)

Setting up a parenting time schedule is an enormous task for divorced and separated parents. Many times, parents aren’t even sure how to begin making the schedule. The most frequent question asked is if there are any common example parenting … Continue reading

Sample Custody Stipulations: 9 Common Examples

It’s important that parents put in necessary custody stipulations in their child custody agreement or parenting plan. Custody stipulations, also called custody provisions, provide rules and principles for the parents to follow as they raise their children. Parents can put … Continue reading

Example Shared Parenting Custody Schedules — 2/2/3 and Variations Alternating Weeks

Parents who want equal time with their children should try a shared parenting arrangement. Shared parenting is another word for joint custody or co-parenting. Some of the previous posts cover examples and samples of different custody schedules. We’ll look at … Continue reading

Joint Child Custody: Pros and Cons

Joint child custody occurs when parents share legal custody or physical custody of their child.  Parents can share joint physical custody (where the child lives with each parent for a specific time period), or joint legal custody (where the child … Continue reading

Examples of Common Custody Schedules — Part Three

We’re continuing to show examples and samples of common custody and visitation schedules that people set up in their custody agreements and parenting plans. Hopefully you can look through these schedules and find one–or a combination of some–that can fit … Continue reading

Samples of Standard Custody & Visitation Schedules with Time-Share Percentages — Part Two

Okay, here’s the next part in a series of posts that explore some of the standard custody and visitation schedules that people set up. Hopefully you can look through these and see if any of them, or a combination of … Continue reading

Examples of Standard Custody and Visitation Schedules and the Time-Share Percentages — Part One

There are some standard custody schedules that people use when they set up their parenting plans. Many times parents set up these plans and don’t realize the exact amount of time that they will have with their child. To help … Continue reading

Examples of Joint Custody Schedules (2/2/5/5 and 3/3/4/4)

Parents who want to make a joint custody arrangement work have to come up with a good schedule for their children. If you want the children to have equal time with both parents there are a number of options you … Continue reading

Ackerman Parenting Plan in Custody X Change

What is the Ackerman Custody Schedule? The Ackerman plan is a joint custody arrangement where the parents set up custody and visitation as a 9/5 split alternating with a 10/4 split. The 9/5 split happens during the school year, or … Continue reading

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