Changed Your Email Address?

To verify your identity, you either have to have access to the email address from which it was purchased, or you have to have a copy of the original purchase receipt.

  • If you still have access to your old email address, you can sign in to update it.
  • If you have a copy of the original purchase receipt, you can update your email address on this webpage.

If you don't have either of those, there is no way to verify your identity; for privacy and security reasons, you can't update the associated email address.

In that case, the easiest option is often contacting the old email provider for access or for the receipt. Depending on the old email provider, some people prefer to instead re-purchase the software using their current information.

Change Your Email Address

Fill out the following form to change the email address associated with your account. After doing so, you may request a temporary password with the new email address to login.

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What can I do after I sign in?

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Change your activation password
  3. Change your activation email address
  4. Activate the software on a no-internet computer

We began selling a new product in 2017, an online custody solution that can be used from any device.

It's new features include: link accounts with the other parent, your attorney, and your kids; track and journal on the go; upload attachments; push notifications; activity reminders; calendar and parenting plan drafts; and more.

This new product is completely separate from the legacy PC-based product. And unfortunately, there's no way to import old PC-based data and no discount for previous PC-based customers.


Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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