Actual Time Overview (4:13)

You can keep track of exact timeshare differences

What is actual time?

Deviations from the agreed upon schedule often happen. Reasons for this vary such as having car trouble, getting stuck in traffic, an emergency trip to the doctor, or one parent tending to show up early or late to pick up or drop off the child. Actual time is the recording of these unplanned schedule adjustments.

How does it help?

When you track deviations from your schedule in Custody X Change, it shows how they affect the actual overall percentage of time each parent has with the child. It also keeps a list of these deviations in case such a list is ever required for legal purposes.

I can't find it in the software.

Actual time is a feature that is only included in the Parent's Deluxe and Pro Full versions of the software. If you require tracking features, you can easily upgrade by logging in with your username and password.