Vacation Time (1:34)

Use vacation time when you go on vacation different times each year.

Setting discretionary vacation time

1. What it is

Vacation time is a specific number of days or weeks that each parent is allowed to take the kids on vacation. While the number of days is specified, the days can be taken whenever the parent wants (within certain parameters-keep reading for more information.)

2. How to add it

In the Calendar tab, click the button with the suitcase icon that says Vacations. You can choose the time allotted to each parent, and also specify how far in advance the vacationing parent must notify the other.

3. When to use it

By default, vacation time can be taken any time throughout the year, however, using the checkboxes at the bottom of the window, you can disallow vacations during certain parts of the year. For example, you could only allow vacations during a Seasonal Schedule that occurs in the summer.