Seasonal Schedules (2:27)

Seasonal schedules override the repeating schedule for part of the year

1. How they work

Seasonal schedules override the basic repeating schedule with a different repeating schedule of some kind for a specified date range every year. This is a very useful way to account for major changes in routine such as summer vacation.

You can set start and end dates on specific dates, or as relative dates (i.e. begin the seasonal schedule on the 3rd Sunday in May)

2. Choose the alternate schedule

Seasonal schedules are built in the same way as a normal repeating schedule, they just only apply to a given date range. You can build the plan using built in templates, or build your own from scratch.

3. Notes on seasonal schedules

You can create up to four seasonal schedules within a year.

Seasonal schedules recur for the same date range every year.

You can change and edit the schedule as needed. It is recommended that you create a new copy of your CXC file every time you make major adjustments to the schedule. This helps you keep a history of past schedules.