Creating a Repeating Schedule (5:54)

We began selling a new product in 2017, an online custody solution that can be used from any device.

It's new features include: link accounts with the other parent, your attorney, and your kids; track and journal on the go; upload attachments; push notifications; activity reminders; calendar and parenting plan drafts; and more.

This new product is completely separate from the legacy PC-based product. And unfortunately, there's no way to import old PC-based data and no discount for previous PC-based customers.

Explanation of repeating schedules and how to make one

1. Explanation

The repeating schedule is a cycle of times for mom and dad that repeats throughout the year and fills in the calendar for the entire year (unless something else overrides it for a given date or date range). This is the basis for your parenting schedule. It can repeat every few days, every week, every other week, every month, and so on. A common example of a two-week repeating schedule is the 2-2-3 plan (shown above). In the Calendar tab of the software, click "Repeating Schedule" to begin.

2. Find the closest fit

It is usually easiest to start by clicking the 'Use Template' button to begin. The software has several built-in schedules that will get you off to the right start. They may not match your schedule exactly, but you can make tweaks and customizations later.

The "Swap time between parents" button is helpful if you need to change pink to blue and vice-versa.

3. Make necessary adjustments

Use the mouse to adjust specific times by clicking and dragging when you see the resize cursor. (see above image)

To add a visit, click on the day you want in the repeating schedule and a small box will appear. Enter the times in the box and click OK. You can then edit this new visit by clicking and dragging as well.

Note: everything entered in the repeating schedule will repeat throughout the year. If you want to enter visits that do not repeat, use one time events.