Holidays: Parent's Years

Definitions and designations

Neither Parent

Neither parent is designated as hosting the child for this holiday. Instead, the calendar will show this time as 3rd party time. You might use this option if the child is going away to a camp or spending time with grandparents or other family members instead. It is also an option if you and the other parent arrange to both spend time with the child together for the holiday, meaning the time wouldn't technically be counted as belonging to either parent.

Whoever has at start

This option means that whoever is hosting the child before the holiday time starts is whoever keeps the child during the holiday time. In other words, this is more of a convenience selection where the child will just stay with one parent for the duration of the holiday.

Whoever has no time

This option means that, if a parent wouldn't normally be hosting the child at all according to the repeating schedule (or seasonal schedule if applicable) during the time covered by the holiday period, then that parent hosts the child for the holiday.

Name on Calendar Only: Selecting this option just puts the holiday’s name on your calendar without specifying any special custody arrangements.