Schedules That Don't Repeat in Weeks (1:13)

We began selling a new product in 2017, an online custody solution that can be used from any device.

It's new features include: link accounts with the other parent, your attorney, and your kids; track and journal on the go; upload attachments; push notifications; activity reminders; calendar and parenting plan drafts; and more.

This new product is completely separate from the legacy PC-based product. And unfortunately, there's no way to import old PC-based data and no discount for previous PC-based customers.

Learn how to setup a schedule that repeats in days, not weeks.

Schedules that don't repeat in multiples of 7 days

1. Determine weeks needed

Using the chart above, determine the amount of weeks needed to allow your schedule to repeat properly. By building your schedule this way, you can ensure that the pattern will repeat smoothly throughout the entire year.

* The only exception is the 5 week option, because choosing that will default to a month-based schedule.

2. Start from scratch

Click Repeating Schedule, then select Start from scratch. Select the correct number of weeks, remembering that if your schedule repeats every 3 days, you need to select 3 weeks and so on. You will then select which parent to add time for. Usually, this is the non-custodial parent.

3. Build schedule

Click inside the schedule to add visits. In the image above, the same pattern repeats every 3 days over a 3 week period. For more in-depth explanation and examples, please watch the tutorial video above.


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