Printing and Exporting a Calendar

For email, printing, or mobile devices

1. Print/E-mail

You can click the Print button to preview or print a wall-style calendar of the visitation share. This can be printed in color, or in greyscale.

If you want to email the calendar document to the other parent or third parties, you can export the file as a PDF.

2. Devices

Custody X Change can also export calendar files that are compatible with mobile devices and other calendaring software. It will export an ICS file that you can then import.

Your software should have an import feature, if you need help, try searching "import ICS to [device or software]".

3. Settings

This feature can export time with the mother, father or third-party. Once you select all the correct settings, you will save the ICS file to your computer. You can then import it wherever you need it.