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How to Create Successful Custody Arrangements-The Seven C’s

Once you bring your custody case to court for litigation, you can expect the end result to be a court order that you will be legally obligated to comply with until your child is eighteen. Custody X Change is software … Continue reading

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Visitation Schedules for School Age Children and Teenagers-Scheduling Around School

When you create a child visitation schedule for a younger child, you have a lot of flexibility since the visitation times mainly revolve around your employment schedules.  Once children start school, your scheduling must accommodate your work schedules and also the … Continue reading

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Creating Long Distance Visitation Schedules for Toddlers and Young Children

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Children benefit tremendously from having both parents involved in their lives. Children that have both parents actively participating in their lives are generally happier and better behaved than children with an absent parent are. Most courts concede that it is … Continue reading

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Visitation Schedules for Teenagers–Making Time for Family

Teenagers are always on the go. They have school, extra-curricular activities, some have part-time jobs, and of course, they have “social lives” and spend a lot of time with their friends. All of these things keep teenagers busy. Married parents … Continue reading

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Visitation Schedules for Toddlers and Young Children

When creating a visitation schedule for a toddler or young child, you will want to make sure that your schedule is age appropriate and meets your child’s needs. It is important that a child is given the opportunity to bond … Continue reading

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Negotiating Out-of-state Custody Arrangements

States have different laws regarding child custody, especially when one parent lives in a different state from his or her children. Negotiating child custody is difficult enough without adding the challenges of a long-distance parenting relationship after your divorce. Whether … Continue reading

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