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Cut Court Costs by Creating Your Own Custody Schedule

Cutting the expenses of divorce or separation is on the mind of many parents.  The biggest way to cut these costs is to not fight with the other parent over child custody. When both parents can agree on a parenting … Continue reading

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Every Weekend Custody Schedule Examples

Every Weekend Custody Schedules There are many different types of custody schedules available for you to choose from.  In this post we will be talking about the Every Weekend Custody Schedule.  Learn more about it and the pros/cons with it.  … Continue reading

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Steps to Implement a Temporary Parenting Plan

A temporary parenting plan gives legal authority to your custody arrangements while your divorce proceedings are underway. When you file for divorce, your primary concern should be about your children and how to provide them with some stability during this … Continue reading

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Examining Sole Custody Parenting Plans

Determining custody is one of the most critical decisions when parents divorce, and the court’s decision ultimately depends on what is in the best interest of the children. There are many different components to sole custody and what it means for … Continue reading

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Parent/Child Relationships Within A Shared Parenting Plan

The increasing trend toward shared custody means that even more children are benefiting from frequent and meaningful contact with both parents. A shared parenting plan requires you and the other parent to share the responsibilities of parenting as equally as … Continue reading

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Effective Parenting Plans Help Families Reorganize

Because divorce is an emotionally stressful time, it is hard for most parents to really focus on some of the most important decisions concerning their children. That’s why a parenting plan is so essential. Transitioning from an intimate relationship to … Continue reading

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Custody Schedule for Teenagers: What Helps Teens Thrive?

When your family is divided, make living arrangements that reduce stress and promote healthy development in your teenager. Creating a custody schedule for school age children is the first step. With divorce, teenagers are affected differently than younger children and … Continue reading

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Parental Communication and Shared Custody Schedules for Young Children

A shared custody schedule for young children determines where they will spend each day and how special times like holidays and vacations will be shared. Even though your marriage may have ended, you still need to maintain a cordial relationship with … Continue reading

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